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FREE STATE NEWS (October 2010 editions)

FREE STATE NEWS (October 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

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Confidential Secretary/Manager
Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

Kaya M

News Editor
Omoseye Bolaji

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S. Botsime
Neo Mvubu

Flaxman Qoopane

Office Assistant
Gavin Ignitius

Lay-out artist
Tumisang Takang

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TWO SAMPLES: The Bookshelf and Parallax Snaps (Columns)

The Bookshelf

With Kgang Abel Motheane

Book: Contemporary African Women’s Writing
Edited by Yvonne Vera

Zimbabwe is blessed with at least two world class black female writers: Tsitsi Dangarembga, and the late Yvonne Vera. Vera is the editor of this wonderful book of short stories written by black women across the world.

African women are seldom given space to express their concerns, their ideas and their reflections about the societies in which they live. In situations where good women are expected to remain silent, literature can provide an important medium for the expression of deeply felt, and sometimes shocking, views.

In this anthology, the award-winning author, Yvonne Vera brings together the stories of many talented writers from different parts of Africa. They act as witnesses to the dramas of private and public life. Their stories challenge contemporary attitudes and behaviour, leaving no room for complacency.

Contributors include Ama Ata Aidoo, Veronique Tadjo, Farida Karodia, Lindsay Colleen and Sindiwe Mgona.

A woman writer must have an imagination that is plain stubborn, that can invent new gods and banish ineffectual ones. This woman is one of the best writers in Africa and abroad. She has done very well in the field of literature.

Parallax Snaps

With Hector "Poet" Kunene

Preparing to enter the world outside parental guidance

There are necessary tools that must be considered when one plans to leave the roof of their parents. It is imperative at some stage that as a grown up you have to leave home to pursue greener pastures; especially when you have to go for academic purposes in a further land.

There need not to be any pressure in leaving your parents home just because of your age or traditional norms. I was looking at a couple of tools that can come in handy when the time comes to pursue goals outside home, we can almost all agree that what we reflect outside tells more of the kind of upbringing we received. We become mirrors reflecting our background with a sense of who we choose to become.

Respect stands out so far, dignity, maturity, morals, broader-minded in terms of learning to accept other cultures that may vary from yours etc. These are the tools that one needs to survive the world outside home. One still needs to be grounded and not easily influenced. When University life cloaks in, one has to be in the mentality orientated with a working class simply because that is the next step. It is not always a possibility that we turn out to be what our parents taught us to be.

It is every parent’s dream to see their children do well in life, every parent should feel sad when their offspring leaves their home especially when it is on the long term or marriage, thus the hope that the parents have are the morals they instilled in their children for they know that wherever they are they are either represented or misrepresented.

Our children remain the hope of the better people than we are; it is their responsibility to take the flag higher than we did. Coming from humble beginnings I have had to do my best to do better in order to bring great honour to my family and I expect my son to go an extra mile which will make an impact to the community that he will be serving at his time (talking from a parental point of view)

Folks, next week we look at becoming an achiever who remains grounded still!

OCTOBER 22 – OCTOBER 29 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Two Mangaung Brothers die from poison!” By Flaxman Qoopane (Page 2)

Two Mangaung Brothers die from poison!

By Flaxman Qoopane

Two brothers died in a hospital in Mangaung, they allegedly drank something that contains alcohol related substance.

Prof. Samuel Smit – Acting Head of the Clinical Services at Pelonomi Hospital said: “The hospital confirms that two brothers Kaizer Mooko (27) died at our hospital on Saturday 16 October. And his brother Joseph Mooko (32) also died at our hospital early morning of Tuesday 19 October. It is alleged that they drank something that contained alcohol related substance. The matter is Sub-judice and the hospital sends it condolences to the family of the two brothers.

Sobbing mother, Adelina Mooko (59) from J.B. Mafora in Mangaung said: “My son Kaizer Mooko (27) who is my last born in the family of four sons and a daughter, died on Saturday 16 October this year at I.C.U ward at Pelonomi Hospital. My other son Joseph Mooko (32) who is my third born also died on Tuesday 19 October at the I.C.U ward at the same hospital. “I am hurt inside because In July this year I buried my daughter Melita Mooko – Malebo, I am now preparing another funeral of my sons. It is a big tragedy for my family. I am confused.”

Lieffie Mooko (38) the sister of the deceased told Free State News:: “During Macufe Festival on Saturday 9 October my brother Joseph was a part time security during the festival. On Sunday 10 October at 9:00 am he brought at home three silver foils thought to be containing liquor with six bottles of Smirnoff Storm 300ml. He told us that he got the foils and the liquor from a white man who was distributing the presents to people at the festival. So from Sunday 10 October my brothers and a group of people were drinking that liquid and Smirnoff Storms at the traditional ceremony (Phaba Dimo) held at our neighbours.”

According to Lieffie, on Tuesday at 8:30 pm, Kaizer complained of the stomach ache and he started to vomit blood. He behaved like a deeply disturbed person. 0n Wednesday 13 October at 5:00 am, Kaizer was very sick, we called the ambulance and he was rushed to the MUCPPP Hospital, but he was immediately transferred to the Pelonomi Hospital in the ICU ward. And three days later he died. “

Puleng Mooko (27) another relative said: “On Friday 15 October at 9:00 am my cousin Joseph complained of pains in his thighs and suddenly he lost his eye sight. Together with my friend Ntombi Thys (22) we rushed him to Pelonomi Hospital. At the hospital a doctor confirmed to us that Joseph was now blind. We were later told by the doctor that the brain and the kidneys of Joseph were damaged by the poisonous liquid they drank. He was referred to the I.C.U at the hospital where he died three days later.”

Shockingly before we went to press, a third victim had been claimed by the poison. Lazarus Sello Pula (29) sadly died mid-week at the Universitas Hospital in Bloemfontein. The parents are consumed with grief and can not understand why such a tragedy could affect them.

Captain Harry Nagel, Communication and Liaison Services of the SAPS of the Free State said: “The family of the deceased must go to a police station and give a statement regarding these allegations so that it can be investigated. Any other person who witnessed where these items were handed to the deceased or who can maybe identify the person(s) handing over these items. He or she should come forward so that the case can be properly investigated. An inquest will be opened to investigate further what could have caused the death of the deceased based on the report of the doctor.”

OCTOBER 15 – OCTOBER 21 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Winners at Youth Development Project for Schools” By Flaxman Qoopane (Page 2)

Winners at Youth Development Project for Schools

By Flaxman Qoopane

Winners of the Reading – aloud, story telling, public – speaking drama and art competitions, were awarded certificates, medals and a floating trophy during the 2010 Award Ceremony held at Kagisanong Hall in Mangaung at the weekend (Saturday 9 October 2010)

Speaking at the award ceremony organized by the Youth Development Project for Schools, Dr. N.J. Setshego, the manager of the Pelonomi Private Hospital – NETCARE said: “Our first priority as the hospital is our patients, we give them care and a healthy life. We also have a support programme for the Youth Development Project for Schools; this is a great project empowering our learners. We will always support and sponsor this project and the Schools in Mangaung”

Teboho Nathane, a teacher, motivational speaker and academic said: “We need to give the child the time to learn both at home and at the school. We need as parents to motivate or encourage the child to do his/her best say to her/him you can be the best. The main task of the school is to develop, educate and transform the child. Parents must not complain about the school, but they must compliment the School.”

Tebelelo Primary School snatched the floating trophy as the overall winner after defeating nine primary schools. Teacher Nomatyala Novasi told Free State News: “Our School won position one in reading – aloud (Setswana and English) drama, public speaking storytelling, best actor in drama. And position three in storytelling and got position four in a drama, safety jingle. I thank God for the ability, he gave me to unearth talent and skills from these kids.”

Keneilloe Molo (13) Grade 7 learner at Tebelelo Primary School won as the best public speaker for her topic – Poverty is the course of all.
Her proud mother Mpho Faith Molo said: “Keneiloe always want to do positive things. As a mother I always support her. The sky is the limit.”

The Pelonomi Private Hospital Netcare sponsored the occasion with the certificate (28) frames (28) medals (45) trophies (4), PA system, data protector and DVD coverage of the event. Thando Mtshwane – Lepelo PRO of the Interstate Bus Line said: “We support this project; we thank the teachers who planted this seed that the community will benefit. This project produces good public speakers, actors, storytellers, and artists.”

Cultural performances were presented by Nzame Primary School Modern Dance Group, Mabolela Primary School. Ditolobonyane Traditional Group, Safety Jingle drama by Tebelelo Primary School acted their drama don’t spoil him and the Michael Jackson’s Friends.

In conclusion, Tiny Chabane the organizer of the project said he was happy that Netcare, Interstate Bus Line, Shoprite and the Youth Development Project for School enjoy the partnership for developing the learners.


Parallax Snaps (Column)

With Hector Kunene

Where life leads we tag along!

I had a cracking laughter last week when I was approached on the street by our most valuable readers who asked me if I had returned from Hawaii relating to my column last week “Taking rest at a restless time”!
I did not go to Hawaii, I pondered going to Hawaii! Thanks for this feedback I really had fun getting it.

Where life leads, we indeed tag along. I was looking at how one gets to be where life has led us to be. Is there a designed programme for all of us that somehow channels us to our destiny? There is a lot of planning that comes to mind about where one wants to be in life. We plan a lot about our lives and don’t always get to taste the fruits of our plans, life continues because it just never stops. For the fact that you wake up everyday it means that you have not reached your finish line so you need to push. It is said that PUSH stands for Pray Until Something Happens. Unfortunately it is not all of us who pray so this acronym does not apply to all of us. For those who do not pray let us use Plead Until Something Happen.

Life must be lived to the fullest. We should not cheat ourselves. However we must be careful of anything we decide to do with our lives. Anything we do we plant. There is time to plant and a time to reap. Where life leads, we tag along. The principles we use to live our lives vary due to our school of thoughts, upbringing, and religion influence, or simply peer pressure. We touched on this a while ago yet what I want to emphasise here is that no matter who you are, life has a way of taking you somewhere but it is up to you to decide that you go with or against the wind. Life will always throw challenges, the problem with us is not our problem but our actual problem is the way we look and respond to problems.

Life remains mysterious, thus it is still a great thing to explore. It is a teacher on its own. We come here to fulfil our purposes and make it to our destinies well tested with the challenges that life throws at us. If you have no challenges then you must know there is something wrong with your life! This is just my viewpoint. Whatever life throws at us we need to be able to stand even if the wind blows against our direction, we are strengthened through the problematic phases we come across. It is not because you have a bad luck that you find yourself in unworthy situations. It is because you have the ability to pull through it so don’t let anything harm your image of possibilities but you must tag along life and prove to yourself that life’s common denominator is the value of X that you discover using the correct tested winning formula of life.

Well folks, let us be vigilant and face our challenges which have a tendency of being our stepping stones to where we are destined to be!


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Manyoni launches Transport Month” By Seleke Botsime (Front page)


By Seleke Botsime

The launch of the Transport Month was held at President Hotel in Bloemfontein on Monday this week (Oct 4 2010). Among the illustrious guests were Mayors and councillors including representatives from various media houses and stake holders in the different industry.

The MEC of Police, Roads and Transport, Thabo Manyoni said that they are conscious of the fact that road infrastructure greatly enhances social and economic development. The department is doing everything in their power to make sure that the provincial road infrastructure meets the demands of the 21st Century.

He said that the partnership with SANRAL and Mangaung constructed a splendid N8 Inter charge that made us proud during 2010 FIFA World Cup. The MEC added that they would not forget the rural roads “hence this month we shall showcase the Springfontein –Bethulie road which together with N1; the Naledi Transport Center will also be unveiled this month, and commuters and travellers between RSA and Lesotho will have multi-pronged Transport Centre that integrates taxis and buses.”

Thabo said that some have seen the work that has been started in Bultfontein Road, and they shall alleviate the plight of farm school learners who travel long distances by giving them bicycles. “About 95% of crashes are the result in fatalities that are caused by negligence and sheer disregard of the road signs and regulation. The Minister of Transport Dr Sbu Ndebele has challenged us to stop and inspect 1000 000 vehicles” he exhorted the public that they should not be found on the wrong side.

His last words were that this serves as an invitation that there will be Educational Road block so that the commuters have a feel of what is needed from them.

“This will ensure that road crashes will be greatly minimized and lives are saved,” he pointed out.


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Electrical tariffs creating conflict” By (Page 2)


By Neo Mvubu

The Business Chamber of Commerce and Industries in conjunction with Centlec, organised an informal session to discuss electricity tariffs. This discussion took place at the President Hotel in Bloemfontein on Tuesday.

According to the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Centlec, Ishmael Poolo, Centlec has come up with a plan to replace the bulk metres with time-of- use-metres. “It is the responsibility of the owners of businesses to install the time of use meters,” he said.

The bulk purchasing discussions arouse a lot of anger among the Body Corporate. The Body Corporate is a group of bulk paying customers, those people that own hotels, lodges and guest houses.

They displayed their concerns regarding the implementation of the new metres and disclosed the following queries:
• The new metres will not help as the Body Corporate will still be billed in bulk
• The Body Corporate do not want to have to install the metres without any incentives being given to them
• The Body Corporate want to be billed as individual members
• The Body Corporate want to know how they will save money and make profit with this new plan

According to Professor Le Roux, the Chairperson of the Waverly Park, “A person who owns his own house is billed individually because everyone has his own metre, but with us as Body Corporate, we pay according to the one metre and we cannot be sure how the amount is divided.” Body Corporate mentioned that they do not make any profit due the bulk metres; they also state that the profit that they make goes back to Centlec.

According to the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Centlec, Ishmael Poolo, the incentives of the time-of-use- metres is that the Body Corporate will save money and will know which time of the day uses more electricity. “Centlec is trying to come up with money and investment to make this plan a success.” He told Free State News

Many people displayed their concerns to Centlec CEO but no clear answers were given. Some of the stakeholders Free State News spoke to claimed that the CEO gave them very vague answers that didn’t bind him to anything. BCCI instead suggested that people send in their queries by e-mail and promised to return to them as soon as they have contacted the relevant people.


The Bookshelf

With Kgang Abel Motheane

Selosesha Public Library in Selosesha, Thaba Nchu came alive on 22 September 2010 with the launch of two books on a memorable day in the old town.

Teboho Masakala, a highly talented young writer of fiction launched his book called Mind Pen, Paper and ideas while Dimakatso Mogashoa, perhaps the youngest author in the history of the Free State launched her book called Diary of a confused teenage girl,

Among the guests were Mr Hector Kunene, yours truly (Ntate Motheane), Mr Flaxman Qoopane, Seleke Botsime, Jah Rose and others. Teboho Masakala’s book has six powerful short stories, beautiful and touching. The community of Thaba Nchu came out in numbers to support the first ever book launch in Thaba Nchu. Dimakatso’s book, Diary of a confused teenage girl is a beautiful book of poems, didactic, and touching.

The two books are a must-read for everyone. Stories to look out for in Teboho Masakala’s book are Friend, My enemy, A lesson by life, I thought I found love and the hit story The other side of love; while in Dimakatso’s book you can look out for poems such as Hunger for more, HIV/AIDS and Diary of confused girl

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