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FREE STATE NEWS (September 2010 editions)

FREE STATE NEWS (September 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

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Confidential Secretary/Manager
Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

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News Editor
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S. Botsime
Neo Mvubu

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Office Assistant
Gavin Ignitius

Lay-out artist
Tumisang Takang

Contact number:
051 447 1655


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Naledi Mayor ‘Makitle’ at the helm!” By S Botsime (Page 2)

Naledi Mayor “Makitle” at the helm!!!

Seleke Botsime

The Inauguration of the Mayor of Naledi, Mr Johnny John Mokitle was hosted with panache, with general excitement around, last Friday. The occasion was held at Wepenaar High. The programme director was Mr Mahloko who welcomed everyone who attended the function, including the councillor from different opposition parties and even councillors from as far as Mantsopa.

He called on the Reverend to grace the occasion with a prayer and the scripture that was read was from Genesis 7:1.The message was to the effect that being a leader, one is bound to have enemies irrespective of how hard one tries to be in the eyes of the community. The message to the new mayor was that he must learn not to burn the bridges as he might need them.

Thereafter, the podium was given to Mr. Thatho Mazingwana who thanked everyone including the mayor, Chief whip Mpho Gift Tladi, Ntate Sello Ntsepe and Mr Moeketsi Tshoeu and others. He said that it is very important that people should respect the occasion as the day marked a beginning of another milestone. Mr Mokgothu was called to swear in the Mayor in his capacity as the Magistrate of Motheo. The new mayor was asked to raise his right hand and was sworn in in front of the entire guests who would act as witnesses for the occasion. .

When Mr Makitle finally delivered his speech he thanked all those who supported him through the hard times and most of the entire almighty since anything is possible with Him. He asked for a moment of silence for all those who have passed on, and said that God determines who lives or dies. “We manage to see hope when people go to the polling station to vote for the parties that they believe will make change in their life and through our understanding we have realised that we shall overcome.” He added that some of the challenges that Naledi is faced with include shortage of electricity, joblessness and poverty “but in time all will be overcome”.

He stressed that it is the responsibility of everyone who has been nominated to lead the people, to fight for change and to create a better life for all. His last words were that he will surround himself with people who have vision. He also thanked his parents who had been pillars of support for him.

Councillor Tshwene from COPE said that he was very impressed that Mayor Makitle is the new mayor of Naledi as they have a good working track record with him at Cope. “On behalf of my party we support the new Mayor whole heartedly and we thank everyone who graced this occasion”.


Parallax Snaps

With Hector Kunene


Thursday nights at 18h00 at Pacofs have suddenly changed the atmosphere in the genre of written and spoken word as the sessions heat up night in and night out!

Evidently so the gatherings have seen full house and no empty chairs for the past weeks since the opening and the number is estimated to rise from 120 guests to higher escalation. You may ask yourself the reason behind such a turn up and you might think that the spectators are growing; only to realize that it is the artists themselves who have graced and supported their own materials and perfected their crafts.

The Lesedi Jazz Room is always packed to the rafters! As a result there is a possibility of the show being moved to a bigger venue. It’s all about lights, cameras, microphones, drums, violin, guitars, keyboard, pen and paper and action that has brought the artists in the Free State together doing their own thing at their own time for their own benefits. Just when you think you have heard poetry, then comes melodic tunes; whilst still recuperating from that you are smashed with Ragga beats and Soul Music. Before you even think of leaving the venue, they announce that De la zee will perform next and you wonder if you will still get a taxi home! Already Mandela and Zito (De la zee band) has a flock of fans who have embraced their gifts of music and the hit songs like Jamani uyayidlinyama, Va-va vo-om and Dirurubele.

The session has invited and seen the likes of David Wa Mahlamela who has won himself a crowd after winning several poetry awards and has been seen several times on television screens. Some of the local artists that are making a huge mark in this industry will be the likes of Jah- Rose who will be launching her book next week (On the 30th September) at the same venue in Pacofs. The book is called Rooted from the heart. This must be a thriller as Jah- Rose says: “I have finally delivered after being pregnant for 6 years” which of-course she means that it took her 6 years before she released her first Anthology which promises to make an impact locally and internationally.

Just when you think you have tasted all the flavors of the night then comes Itumeleng Modise who does stand up comedy to its core and justice. He will leave you falling of your seats; as a result, I always hold on to mine and somehow I find myself standing and laughing out loud!! This comedian has a potential to break through the barriers of uncertainties as he has taken Free State by storm, months ago he was seen performing at Un- Invited guests that is an annual standup Comedy which features the well known Trevor Noah and Kagiso of Pure Monati Show.

The mesmerizing Sotho combined pieces of Kwazi will leave you gulping for air after he has done his famous “Simatla” and Ke rata basadi poems to mention a few. He takes you back to Qwa qwa as he is a proud Sotho speaking poet. The Star Naledi and Icebound run the show with their smooth operation that sees a quality registration process for artist to perform on the night. (Cappucino ) Hamilton Pieterson on the other side serves all artists with paperwork and registration and putting order in the house.

The entrance is free for all; so come and see this masterpiece show of the magnificent talents of the likes of Psychotherapy, Shila, Black milk crew, Big-Bucks, CAPPUCINO, Rethabile, Dee, Bonolo, Nasty, etc. the list is endless.
Everyone is invited to perform as this is an open mic session.

Folks I gotta pen down with love.


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Minister revels in Correctional Services fete” By F (page 2)

Reproduced below:

Minister revels in Correctional Services fete

By F Qoopane

Honourable Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, the Minister of Correctional Services attended the Certificate Award Ceremony for 498 offenders at the Mangaung Correctional Centre in Bloemfontein on Tuesday this week (4 September 2010)

The Minister herself received the Honour of Liberty Awards 2010 from the Centre. This was to honour her for advocating the development of young offenders in all the prisons in the country

The Minister congratulated all the offenders who received 198 certificates in Kha Ri Gude programmes, Abet level 4, Grade 12 NQFLZ. And also other offenders who received 750 certificates in courses in Vocational skills Development programmes. These courses included woodwork, basic computer skills, horticulture etc.

She thanked the management for the seriousness they are attaching to issues of education and congratulated the Centre on receiving various awards including the Nosa Audit-Five Star rating awards in 2009 and 2010.

When addressing the offenders, the Minister said: “I’d like to talk to you as a mother, I have four sons, I don’t talk to you from a position of a Minister when you are here, your mothers at home they don’t sleep; they worry about you. Some of your relatives, they don’t want to visit you, they say they don’t want to do anything with you,”

“Our priorities include desiring a list of the offenders who have not been visited by their families. We want them to visit you and give you full support while you are here,”

According to the Minister, this month her Ministry will launch the Offenders Labour Framework. This will enable all offenders to be involved in Offender labour, and make a contribution to the society.

The Minister further said her office has received bad news that a priest was stabbed with a knife by one of the offenders. “Attacks on nurses and clergies here are a matter of concern, because these are the people who give you care. It is totally unacceptable for you to do sad bad behaviour”



With Hector Kunene

Pax Nova Hall reverberates!

It was a palpitating event in Bloemfontein this past Sunday (13 September 2010) as the comrades and fellow supporters gathered to commemorate the fallen hero leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, Steve Bantu Biko.

The event was organized by the Steve Biko 33rd Anniversary Commemoration Committee / Mangaung and spearheaded by Ngane yesizwe Sout. The slogans and songs chanted during the commemoration brought back the memories of the core meaning of what the struggle was all about. Although the battle continues as the emphasis were made by different speakers who took center stage and delivered their prepared and unprepared monologues and dialogues, from roots of poetry with drums and guitars to written and spoken words of wisdom.

The cultural icons that graced the events are the likes of the well known activist and writer Mr. Flaxman Qoopane who recited a powerful poem about the death of Biko. He also gave a speech which shook the house about his activism and the experience that saw him being exiled. Qoopane also brought along the famous gallery to embrace and commemorate the fallen soldier. It was emphasized by the comrades that we should never by any means forget the meaningful gesture that resulted in the death of Biko.

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” Steve Biko said. Shockingly, the man who made the revolutionary movement Black Consciousness was a young man who was born in 1946 and died in 1977 just after the Soweto student uprising 1976. Biko was brutally murdered and his blood did not dry on the ground without a revolutionary impact. He was only 31 years young when he fell - which means he had been fighting from an early ripening age.

The challenge now remains with the current generation whether this event will be graced or disgraced. Some of the well known artists around Free State who gracefully delivered their support were guitarist Seleke Botsime who sang a revolutionary song, Mr. Magic Khotseng who led a song Senzeni na? and shot through the roof with an inspiring piece of poetry together with the likes of Serame “Icebound” Makhele, the forefront man of the poetry sessions at Pacofs who rendered a piece alongside fellow comrade Zito,

Jah- Rose stood out for the women and proved once again that when we come together for a common goal, gender loses its power, and yours truly myself with a piece inspired not just by an event, but by an act to bring about change. Further information about Steve Biko is well recorded in The Black Consciousness Movement website.

I salute you folks!


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Marathon gets people energized” By Neo Mvubu (Front page)

Reproduced below:


By Neo Mvubu

Many provinces have had their fair share of marathons and now the Liberation Route Marathon in the Free State will be the first of its kind. The 65km race scheduled for next month is expected to generate a great deal of excitement.

The Liberation Route Marathon was organised by Umendo Trading in partnership with Izindwe Marketing and My Arts Lifestyle.

According to Khaya Mntsantsa, the Project Manager, this will put the province back on the map once again. The race will take place on the 17th of October, starting from Thaba Nchu and ending in Bloemfontein at the Seisa Ramabodu Stadium.

The N8 route has a very significant importance as “its history can be traced as far back as during the difaqane wars,” said Mntsantsa. He added by saying that King Moshoeshoe, Sekonyela and others used the route and that it is the route that has linked two nations, Lesotho and South Africa.

To date, there are 2300 participants who will be entering the race. Many are experienced runners while others are novices in marathon running. Those that will be coming from far off places will be accommodated at various hotels from around and within Bloemfontein such as Naledi Sun, Baines game lodge and Bloemspa Lodge.

There will be transportation for the athletes such as Mango and Avis that will take them from rather distant destinations. There will also be transportation that will take the athletes to and from their hotels, so there won’t be any problems in that regard.

Free State News learnt that there are many sponsors that have invested in the project, SAB, Coke, Sanlam and a few government departments have invested large amounts to see the success of this event. The winners of the 65km race will get R30 000, the 10km race winner will receive R5000. People are encouraged to participate in the race as this race will help bring athletics and other sports on the same level as soccer.

David Koloane, a well known marathon runner said that he is happy to see that the government has lent a helping hand in the investment of athletics. He said that for many years other sports found it hard to get sponsors whereas soccer found prominence. The Liberation Marathon, he said, will help boost the morale of different types of sports.


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Celebrating the life of Steve Biko” By S Botsime (Page 2)

Reproduced below:

Celebrating the life of Steve Biko

By S Botsime

September 12, 2010 will be thirty three years since Steve Biko, the founder of the Black Consciousness philosophy in South Africa, was assassinated in Pretoria.

In a special tribute to Steve Biko and to rekindle and remind the people of Mangaung and Free State of his contribution to the understanding of oppression and the forces of oppression, Steve Biko 33rd Anniversary Commemoration Committee/Mangaung is organizing an activity next week Sunday at the Pax Nova Hall at Bochabela.

Biko left us with a simple task, says Masilonyae Lefuo, one of the organizers of the event. “As the ultimate teacher of the nature and the art of oppression, he left us with the task of carrying the torch. His message was clear and unambiguous. We have the benefit of his life work of scholarly activism, which can be used by the working people to cut through the maze of the politics of race that consume our societies.”

He continued: “Today, more than at any other time in history, our people, the working people can begin anew to engage the new phase of the struggle for transformation. To this end, we encourage the self-mobilization of activities across the province”.

The commemoration will be held under the theme: “Steve Biko: Racial Unity, Resistance and Transformation.” It starts at 1pm. The Steve Biko 33rd Anniversary Committee/Mangaung can be contacted as follows: Fikile Qithi, 079 815 8845, Masilonyane Lefuo, 072 59 1036, Reverend Thamni Khani, 083 422 4138, Peter Maloro, 082 944 5229

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