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FREE STATE NEWS (August 2010 editions)

FREE STATE NEWS (August 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

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Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

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S. Botsime
Neo Mvubu

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Zip and zest added to Sanco” By Neo Mvubu (Front page)

Reproduced below:


By Neo Mvubu

“Sanco is not respected like before” the Chairperson of Sanco Patrick Qebisi declared this week. He said this during a media briefing that took place at the ANC provincial office in Bloemfontein on Monday (the 23rd of August 2010).

People used the organisation for personal gains and as a result dented the image of the organisation, according to the Chairperson of Sanco, Patrick Qebisi, “Councillors and the government don’t take Sanco seriously,” he said, adding that the new leadership of Sanco plans to change that.

There were also problems with the leadership structure of the organisation that is to be corrected by the new leadership that was announced earlier this year. In-fighting dominated the organisation, but the new leadership aims to change things and make improvements.

According to the Chairperson of Sanco, “As compared to the old leadership of Sanco which didn’t lead effectively, the new one aims to improve its activities by providing programmes that will help improve service delivery.” In this wise, there are programmes established such as the ID programme. Sanco also aims to improve economic policies, reduce the rate of unemployment and unfair evictions.

Free State News talked to the Deputy Provincial Secretary of Sanco, Zukile March about their plans to develop these services. He said: “We aim to work with the Alliance to address services delivery challenges.” No specific plans were disclosed regarding the implementation of these services.

This is partly due to the fact that apparently, Sanco is not consulted like before; the manifestation of this problem is reflected in the Xhariep Region where the Chairperson of Sanco in that Region is allegedly clashing with some ANC members. However, Zukile March said that this is a case of two individuals having a “minor dispute.”

Despite this, Sanco still aims to create a united front and make sure that it is recognised by the government and the community as a legitimate organisation.


With Hector Kunene

Wordsmith marks birthday

Let me first start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to O. Bolaji as I join the rest of well-wishers to the man well respected for his contribution to the literary fraternity. It is well documented that Bolaji has done himself proud as he has selflessly crossed roads and bridges for the love of literature.

Already he has written and published over 20 books, and many readers will recognize him as fictitious more than the ordinary or political sculpture.

This columnist wishes him the best to come and thankfully appreciate his contribution in making this newspaper a success throughout the years he has been with us. We recognise the grassroots level and all the experience Bolaji has accumulated over the years and he has played his role in giving BACK TO THE COMMUNITY the relevant stories and the relevant information at a relevant time.

If you might wonder about his inspiration towards his writing career, perhaps we need to look no further than from his own father Mr. Labanji Bolaji who was a powerful African journalist. Bolaji has used his skill of writing to positively influence the community towards a direction of light through his books. The creation of the tantalising series of Tebogo Mokoena and works like People of the townships (2003) are some of the books that Bolaji has proved beyond doubt that he reflects on the happenings. As a result he keeps the history for the coming generation to know where we come from and mostly his books he uses Free State as a plot.

His books are available in many libraries locally, countrywide, and overseas. When I asked him how he feels about his birthday the man said, with a grin: “Many people say I’m an exponent of jabulani – let’s celebrate being alive with jocundity!” ”.

He continues to edit our newspaper and we hope to see him grow grey and wiser, tougher and stronger as he fulfils his purpose in life.

The Bookshelf
With Kgang Abel Motheane

A series of private parties and celebrations marked the birthday of frontline writer Omoseye Bolaji, last week.

Meanwhile congratulatory messages also rolled in from many quarters for the versatile writer. Well known literary critic Pule Lechesa said: “My fulsome birthday felicitations to Mr Bolaji. His stunning works speak for themselves; but to many, Bolaji is a veritable literary activist, reminiscent of the likes of Uli Beier and Mark Twain.”

From Cape Town, writer and artist Deon Skade said: “I love reading about Chief Bolaji on the internet, the countless reviews of his writing, and his personal international column. I’m overwhelmed by his prolific writing talent, and wish him a wonderful birthday”

Omoseye Bolaji’s contribution to the detective/Mystery genre puts him almost in a special class of his own in African writing. Among his remarkable books over the years are Impossible Love, The ghostly Adversary, People of the Townships, Tebogo and the Haka; and the latest one Tebogo and the pantophagist which has already generated many fine reviews globally.

This columnist was present when Omoseye Bolaji was given a Lifetime Achievement Award a couple of years ago; Bolaji was also the first black man to be conferred with the Chancellor’s Medal by the University of the Free State; among many other awards and accolades. Happy birthday to him!

AUGUST 13 – AUGUST 19 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Women’s Day celebrated with panache” By Neo Mvubu (Page 2)

Reproduced below:


By Neo Mvubu

Women from across Botshabelo gathered together at the Botshabelo Arena on the 5th of August to celebrate Women’s month. They arrived looking their best to celebrate an important day in the history of women.

This occasion was organised by the Botshabelo Principals’ Council to reflect the importance of women in society, especially those in school management. This is the third time this event has been done.

Alina Ngubeni, a business woman and motivational speaker, mentioned the scourge of abuse against women and children and used this platform to give women the courage to stand up against abuse. “We must shut the door against abuse,” said Ngubeni.

Many women supported this statement, as one in five women have gone through some or other form of abuse in their lives. This occasion gave women a chance to display their emotions and concerns about the issues they deal with on a daily basis.

Pastor Lebo Ramane was also there to add a spiritual spin on things. She spoke about God and his value in our lives. She encouraged women to go to church, to have faith in God and the power that He has to offer them. She told the women that it is through faith that they can rid themselves of all the social ills that they encounter on a daily basis.

As they gathered in that Arena, children came in and danced for them, entertaining the women on their special day. The women were reminded of a specific day in the history of South Africa; they were reminded of the 1956 march to the Union buildings in Pretoria. It was an unforgettable day when women from all races, cultures and social standings gathered to protest against the pass laws and the unjust government that had discriminated against them.

The same gathering, the same strength was felt in the Arena, the same amount of pride. Cholofelo Seiphemo said, “It was not easy growing up in that environment, we survived it and now we must celebrate the heroines that gave us this freedom.”


Parallax Snaps (Column)

With Hector "Poet" Kunene

Application of the mind to bring about existence

It is funny when I look back to the ten solid years I have worked in my life and only recently it has been revealed to me that I need to stand up on my own. I am glad of the experience I have garnered under the companies I have worked for. Experience these days gets you a job but it hardly makes you the owner of that company.

We have been tricked by the education system that teaches us to go for our tertiary levels and study for any desired degree or masters and after that we want to work for big companies that will give us big salaries and drive big company cars and live in mansion houses. Well, is there anything wrong with that? Surely there isn’t however we approach life and apply the very same mentality that one needs to qualify by the expected academic qualification in order to pursue a desired aimed goal.

Our intentions have been substituted with what we aim for rather than what we can achieve with our original given skills. What do I mean by this? We rather fail to try to stand on our own and want to lean on the next person’s ideas then we can stand. Surely we need each other to survive. The sarcasm here is you are made a joke for failing what you dared and you are made a public victorious figure for making repetition of an idea in a different way! This is currently called creativity! Let me make a practical illustration, how many inventions have been repeated in order to suit the nowadays system or life period, whereas it is the same machine? The first person to design an ironing board saw a need to have ironing done in a fashionable way, the next person saw that an ironing board needs to have a place to keep the iron in it whilst changing positioning of the garment, perhaps the next person saw the need for the ironing board to be folded and tucked away easily whereas the first ironing board was used and kept anywhere without the folding part.

This is where I am getting at in case you are running impatient, perhaps I must design a patience machine for those who want to read straight to the point! The idea here is, we need to identify the need and supply it with a deed. Our minds are not challenged enough and we hardly stretch them to bring birth to new things. We are focussed more on redesigning what already exists. We are concerned more of time and less of what we can do without the pressure of chronometer as a result we give out mediocre.

How then should we move from using a small portion of our minds to thinking BIG? I am embarking on my own journey to search for something that has never been done before. We need to start something and need to understand that we can start small to grow. A Chinese proverb says “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”
Do remember that a person who built an aeroplane failed many times before it actually went airborne. Well folks, I am out to start something!

AUGUST 6 – AUGUST 12 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Learners bask in ICT Gadgets” By S Botsime (Front page)

Reproduced below:

Learners bask in ICT gadgets

By S Botsime

MyArts International had a charity event at Mamello Secondary School at the weekend in Virginia. The company went to the school to help with minor improvements at the school, donate ICT gadgets. The handing-over ceremony of the sports kit and ICT gadgets was attended by MEC for Agriculture, Mamiki Qabathe.

Free State News learnt that it was also an opportunity to show the community that there are companies that care enough to try and assist. The initiative was well received as the learners of the school, their parents and community members came early to the school in numbers to witness the occasion. Activities of the day included the cleaning of the school yard, and painting of classrooms.

On Monday this week, MyArts delivered computers to the school and sports kit for the school’s netball and soccer team. The MEC for Agriculture, Mamiki Qabathe, who is a former learner at the school, did the honours.

Free State News talked to some of the learners, who painted while singing; and they said they were pleased that their classes had received a facelift that made it look fresh and inviting. “I’m very happy that our school was painted, we received sports kit and our parents were here to support us,” said Hester Braakfes, a grade 10 learner at the school.

Hester also added that the company’s initiative was most welcome as it would help them to be more confident and not be embarrassed by how the school looks. “Now, we will be more confident to initiate tournaments with other schools because we have new sportswear,” she added.

Parents were also pleased with the initiative, and they said that they welcomed the initiative because it was for the benefit of their children’s school. On Saturday there was also a short career guidance presentation by Ernest Koalane of Flavius Mareka FET College for the learners, giving them information about their career opportunities after completing Grade 12.

Free State News was told by MyArts that their initiative to assist the school could have not been a success without the efforts of C Squared, Albany, Mc Carthy Bloemfontein, Izindwe, Nasty events and the Department of Agriculture. “We would like to thank them for their efforts and helping hand.”

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