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FREE STATE NEWS (November 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

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Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

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News Editor
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S. Botsime
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Flaxman Qoopane
M.D Mofokeng

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Tumisang Takang

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “A great Cherry Festival unfurls!”

Reproduced hereunder:

A great Cherry Festival unfurls!

…Ficksburg comes alive again…

Ficksburg has done it again! The latest edition of the world famous Cherry Festival has come and gone in devastating fashion; with a pot-pourri of special events to mark the occasion.

Cllr Mbothoma Maduna, Mayor- Setsoto Municipality, was in fine fettle and addressed the world, wishing for a Magnificent 2010 Cherry Festival. He said: “Welcome to the 2010 Cherry Festival. The Festival provides the Municipality with an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our community and also to showcase our town in a manner that gives me great pleasure — all our visitors and investors are most welcome to experience and enjoy our hospitality.

“We are extremely proud and excited to see the Festival go from strength to strength every year as more event organisers become involved and the quality of the events produced gets better. All this makes us, as the Setsoto Municipality, very proud.”

He stressed, significantly: “As the Festival attracts more tourists and investors to our area, it also stimulates the local economy. The stimulation of our economy provides our people with an opportunity to showcase their talents and also to sell and market their products to both local and international tourists. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all residents, event organisers, volunteers and everyone involved in ensuring that our Cherry Festival is a success.”

Meanwhile the Setsotho Local Municipal Manager also said: “Setsoto Local Municipality wishes to extend a warm and hearty welcome to all visitors who will transcend to our area in large numbers to take a break and experience the tranquility on offer. Setsoto Municipality and its inhabitant are proud to present another chapter of the Cherry Festival to close the spectacular year of 2010.”

He added: “The festival, like the 2010 Soccer World Cup promises to be one of the best organized events in the calendar of events for South Africa. Experience the best as Setsoto Local Municipality positions itself to be the best/tourism destination, as well as a gateway to ‘Katse Dam’ in Lesotho!”

A great time was had by all!

*Courtesy, News editor


“The Bookshelf” (Column)

With Kgang Abel Motheane

By Hector Kunene

Hector Kunene has done it again! The young man bringing quality literature to the Free State, has released his second book titled, OMOSEYE BOLAJI

This book follows on the heels of the fine collection of poems (Through the Tunnel) that marked the debut of Hector as a very promising writer. In his first book he shows his great love for lyrical poems and turns on the style with ease.

In his second book, Hector has produced a fantastic work of literary appreciation and criticism which would be celebrated for many years to come world-wide. It is a world class book that one would normally associate with academics, complete with excellent articles on literature, and a painstaking Bibliography.

In this new book, Hector reproduces dozens of articles on the protagonist Omoseye Bolaji who is a top African writer whose works have been exceedingly evaluated and written about by many critics and admirers over the years. These contributors include the white movie supreme and writer, Aryan Kaganof; Peter Moroe, Flaxman Qoopane, Pule Lechesa, Raphael Mokoena among others.

It is exciting to see how well and vigorously Bolaji’s many fictional works have been dissected in this new book – important books of fiction like Impossible Love, People of the Townships, The ghostly adversary, Tebogo and the Haka, Tebogo and the pantophagist; all are evaluated in this new book of Hector’s.

Like many other literary commentators this columnist is very excited about the new book, OMOSEYE BOLAJI.


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Doctor Shikhibane honoured” By Flaxman Qoopane (Page 2)

Reproduced hereunder:

Doctor Shikhibane honoured

By Flaxman Qoopane

The Chief Directorate; FET Colleges and ABET within the Department of Education Free State gave Dr Jigana Joe Shikhibane an award at the Motheo FET College central office in Bloemfontein recently.

Zonia Alexander, the Chief Director; FET Colleges and ABET- Department of Education Free State said; ’The Chief Directorate FET Colleges and ABET awarded a trophy as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement to Dr Jigana Joe Shikhibane, manager- Student Networking and Partnership, Job Placement, Exchange and Wellness Programme from Motheo FET College, for his hard work towards, welfare and accomplishment of student’s success in life. And also acknowledge him officially in his endeavours, and being constantly devoted to bringing hope to the students.’

Dr Shikhibane told Free State News: “I am very happy that the office of the Chief Directorate; FET Colleges and ABET has honoured me. I hope I will work ever harder to devote my work to our students.”

The occasion was also attended by Simon Maboya; Principal of Motheo FET College and Tsatsi Mantso; Deputy Chief Education Specialist FET Colleges.

Dr Shikhibane completed his degree of Bachelor of Education at the University of Fort Hare in 1982..In 1994 he completed a degree in Master in Education at the University of the Orange Free State. In 1997 the same university awarded him a degree in Philosophiae Doctor [PHD] in Psycho- Education.

Dr Shikhibane has represented his country many times abroad. In September 2002, he was invited to consult different poor communities concerning health education in Ceara State, Northeast Brazil. His experience contributed significantly to develop health education programmes in those communities. In September 1995, he visited the Fukuoka University in Japan. During that time he spent a year in Japan. He was involved in HIV/AIDS research course.

In 1996 he visited Vienna for a month. He presented a lecture on HIV/AIDS from Southern Africa. In 1997 he went to Palermo in Italy for eight weeks he was part of the South African delegation attending Universiade [all university internationally]

In the Free State, Dr Shikhibane is very active as a football administrator, and is also an activist in HIV/AIDS related activities and projects.


FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Mutilated Body found in Mangaung” By Flaxman Qoopane (Front page)

Reproduced hereunder:


…even police in tears at the scene!!!

By Flaxman Qoopane

Stephen Mphole Nakedi (27) was found mutilated in the premises of a church at J B Mafora Block 4 Mangaung on Saturday (October 30, 2010).

His cousin, Samuel Nakedi (38) told Free State News; “My cousin Mphole Nakedi was found early morning of Saturday lying in a pool of blood next to the door of the church- Jesus Never Fails Ministry at J B Mafora Block 4. His head, heart, liver and his private parts were missing – it was a horrific scene”

Nomvuyo Qoloka (27) a resident near the church, said: “At 5:00 am, on Saturday we heard a rumour that a headless body was found at the church. With some of my neighbours we decided to go and look at what was happening at the church. On our arrival the deceased was covered with a white cloth. I noticed police crying, some women fainted and my eyes were filled with tears...”

Mphole's mother, Kedibone Martha Nakedi (58), with her eyes filled with tears said; “Mphole is my last born in the family of four sons and a daughter. We last saw him on Friday at 7:00 pm. My son did not deserve to die the way he died. As family members, of Nakedi we are traumatised by the death of our child. We still can't believe that he was killed like an animal and how could his killer do such a terrible thing to my son? What hurts me the most is that my son had just graduated at Damelin with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, and he was planning to get a stable job and help his family to survive...”

What does the community say about the horrific death of a promising life? Thabo Leeuw said; “To tell you the honest truth, I am very scared for my life”.
Suzan Motaung said; “I get emotional when one of us is killed. It upset me. We are not safe at all at Ward 10, J B Mafora. The first murder of a youth happened in 2008 just in front of this church, so this time another murder has happened at the same church.”

The other residents are furious. Somebody who did not want to be named said: “We heard that two suspects have been arrested. If the Court of Law will give them bail since we know them, we are going to revenge by killing them”

Captain Harry Nagel from Communication and Liaison Services of SAPS of the Free State confirmed the incident of murder. He said: “Two suspects who mutilated the body of Stephen Nakedi were arrested. And a bag containing the missing body parts namely head, private parts and some of the main organs of the deceased, was found in their possession”

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