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This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

Moses Vinger

Confidential Secretary/Manager
Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

Office Assistant
Thobeka Funani (above)

Kaya M

News Editor
Omoseye Bolaji

Seleke Botsime
Flaxman Qoopane
Nthabiseng Lisele


Lay-out artist
Tumisang Takang "Raba"

Contact number:
051 447 1655

OCTOBER 28 – NOVEMBER 3 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Makgoe felicitates with learners!” By Nthabiseng Lisele. Front Page

Reproduced hereunder:



The Department of Education in Free State embarked on a campaign to motivate learners ahead of their National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. The campaign is aimed to boost the confidence of the class of 2011 learners and improve the provincial matric pass rate to 75 percent under the theme “Put Your Hands Up for Grade 12 class of 2011”.

The campaign was launched at the Kgorathuto School in Botshabelo. The MEC of Education in Free State, Mr Tate Makgoe was in positive vein, vowing to significantly improve the 2011 grade 12 pass rate.

Makgoe was accompanied by the HOD of the Department, Superintendent Stanley Malope, Lesedi FM popular presenter, Nyakallo Leine (popularly known as Ba2cada) and the Motheo District Director for Education.

This motivation follows on the heels of the Basic Deputy Minister, Enver Surty’s visit to the province to motivate grade 12 learners at Commtech Secondary School. The Deputy Minister said that he is very impressed with the performance rate in the Free State.

The MEC said: “It is very important to motivate and give the learners support before their final examinations. I am convinced that Free State will get 75 percent pass rate this year because we have supplied learners with all the necessary tools and the support they need. Last year, the provincial pass rate was about 71 percent,”.

He also mentioned that it will be more appropriate if the grade 12 results are known to the learners first, and thereafter are published by the newspapers. “This will save many learners possible embarrassment and disappointment if their names do not appear on the newspaper.”

Ba2cada was also in fine fettle, as he motivated learners to avail themselves of opportunities and grasp the nettle, as it were. “Education is the only weapon and the key to alleviate the poverty that afflicts black communities. The key challenges facing today’s youth include high rate of unemployment, teenage pregnancies, and HIV/AIDS. But the learners can beat this if they can work hard and find better opportunities.”

The President of RCL, Teboho Rahlabi (18) made a rousing pledge on behalf of the grade 12 learners: “Our vision is to see Kgorathuto producing engaged individuals focusing on improving South African economy, communities and fighting poverty. We are grateful for all this motivation and good wishes,”

OCTOBER 21 – OCTOBER 27 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Premier basking in Operation Hlasela!” By Seleke Botsime. Front Page

Reproduced hereunder:

Premier basking in Operation Hlasela!

By Seleke Botsime

The premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule was at Senekal in order to view the issues that are affecting people of Matawabeng. He was accompanied by MECs of different departments.

Speaking at the Matwabeng Hall, he said that there was a time when people were going out in numbers in order to vote for the ruling party and now government was faced with delivering the promises that they had made to the people.

With so many issues that need to addressed, Operation Hlasela was in full swing where there will be more houses erected, and health facilities that need to be addressed. The high rate of unemployment was also pointed out as a major problem; with the Premier saying that they as the government would focus more on the people of small areas like Matawabeng. “There should be an opportunity to create employment, and they will be the first people to get the opportunity.”

All the departments committed themselves to changing the life of the ordinary citizens, and the Department of Public Works also created employment for the youth in order to clean the graveside for a period of a two years. The premier promised to revamp unsuitable and sub-standard accommodation in the area.

The Department of Social development under Sisi Ntombela was not left behind as they made sure that the people are getting their grants and improving the quality of the life of the people. She said: “My department is in need of more Social workers, as now there are only some two hundred of them when they are supposed to be more than a thousand per district.”

Other departments that did not want to be left out included the one of Fezi Ngumbentombi (Health) who promised to build another clinic; and the Police, Roads and Transport, MEC Khompela said that he will build another police station since there is only one that is in town. “Due to the high rate of crime and rape, there is a need for another one,” The motion was greeted with screaming with joy as they heared the news.

Then on the second day, the Operation Hlasela was visible once more in Petrus Steyn where the premier embarked on a door to door visitation. He also spoke to the elders together with the MECs. He referred to the very high number of unemployment and stressed that the government must help them in order to buy the pertinent potato farm.

The premier said: “It’s not only the responsibility of the government to build houses, but also both the private sector and public sector. All those who can afford to do so must do so since there is only so much money that the government is spending on building houses only.”

The Social Development gave shelter to two elderly men who were staying alone; they did not even have food in their house. Sisi Ntombela said that a certain Mr. Mofokeng will have to go and stay at the old age home since there is no one who is taking care of him. The premier once again impressively interacted with the people and asked them what is it that the government could do in order to improve their lives?

Many were happy to finally share one-on-one with the premier listening to their grievances. Speaking about the two-room houses that were built by the apartheid system, the Premier said that they have to be destroyed. “It is simply just a matter of time before we build these people four-room houses, especially those that have an asbestos roof.”

Thereafter, he visited the pre-school where children were delighted and even sung for him. Different departments committed themselves again where the Department of Sports promised to build new sports facilities for the youth. Mamiki Qabathe, MEC of GOCTA, also promised to eradicate the bucket system in the place. Speaking at Petrus Steyn, he said that people must not just decide to occupy the land as they will return again to check on updates.

Speaking to the media the premier said that it is obvious that some of the contractors are not doing their job, especially those who are building houses, and their contracts will be terminated and new people will be given a chance to do so. He said that tax payers should not be taken for a ride, or exploited.

He said that he is consulting with business people to invest in Operation Hlasela in order to make drastic changes in a short period of time. “I urge the community that they must be patient since many people are without proper basic services like light, water and sewage system, and the government is doing all that they can in order to change the lives of individuals.”

OCTOBER 14 – OCTOBER 20 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Macufe Fever grips again…” By Seleke Botsime. Page 4

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Our ace reporter, Seleke Botsime, incidentally an accomplished muso himself, lifts the lid on the crests and troughs of the recently concluded Macufe fiesta…

The Mangaung Cultural Festival (MACUFE) took the centre stage last week and everyone wanted to be part of it, either through attending one show or showcasing their skills in art and craft that run for the whole week.
I attended one play called "Play me” that had cream of Free State Tony Kgorogwe. His play is about back-stabbing, lies and cheating. I was glued to my seat from the beginning to the end.
Then I went to the divas’ festival where I was blown away by the likes of Zahara, Chiwaniso from Zimbabwe, Bonolo, Miss T, and the legendary Thandizwa Mazwai. When I entered, Bonolo was on stage and I have to say sister, you do have a voice that really mesmerized me, but please work on your lyrics, there was nothing catchy about your lyrics!
Judith Sephuma, alas, didn’t light my fire. Then Miss T got on stage and the face looked familiar and only when she was on the middle of her performance did I realize that it’s a face I knew very well and it’s someone that has been in the industry for sometimes. The sister can move intermittently!

There were so many dancers, including young kids that showcased the skills and it seemed it was whole package rehearsals, but thanks Miss T – I have to say that I loved the gospel song that you performed and I will surely be around when you do the next gig just to listen to more of your material! are a legend sister, Thoko.

Then it was Chiwaniso (Zimbabwe), I realize that most people went outside when she performed, and have to say that I am a die-hard for Mbira music. Thanks, it was never about understanding what you were saying, but the melody took me places that I have never been; and I want to say I was honored to finally be on the front seat for you.

Then it was the much trumpeted "Zahara"! Everyone was singing to her song, never have I ever seen something like this in my entire career. Zahara came and she really rocked Free State. This girl is hard-core, so young, yet so matured. Really, it’s so rare when you meet someone who is just 23 and saying deep stuff like that. My partner recently asked me what is it that I think makes the girl so popular, and I simply said “her voice: she is got the commanding voice "and the aggressive marketing that was done on her project since from last year December 2010. That was a voice that we the music lovers and composers were wondering, who is that? and now we know it was, and it’s Zahara!

Thandiswa Mazwai also strutted her stuff. Please call me a groupie then I would tell you that I don’t mind at all. The spirit rises and my third eye opened and I saw things to come. She was not alone on stage, and believe her when she says "I am not working alone" She is not lying about that, and I got the goose bumps all over my body. She has just returned from UK and I have to say she is possessed and has still got the magic that left many, including me breathless. I feel the need that if we can work on our artistic skills and nurture our talent we would eventually be the master of our own art. On Saturday the show went on and I was impressed by Thomas the lion of Zimbabwe once again. The Mbira sound captivated me, then Zahara with the same routine of Friday, sister, please learn to be different and probably you might win my vote. It just felt like it was Friday. Even the attire was the same; I guess I have to give you the benefit of a doubt.

Selaelo Selota, what can I say, he started his performance with" Lolita”. From his first album, Painted faces and for a moment there were some technical problems on stage for some time. Then he raised the bar, playing from Stories lived and told and going back to Mmamodiegi, Seshego then Tsrrr...pha. I was hoping for Tshwene from his latest album lapeng laka. When he finally took off his shirt, women were screaming.

Then it was Stimela, and they took me back to the days of my innocence. Jonny Gill, mmmmh what can I say, I just want say “thank you” for your forthcoming album! And as for Bebe, we jammed for his hits and we even asked for more. Was I a victim of too much imbibing? I had to find my partner and dance for his tune or maybe it was Jonny Gill…I can’t remember... Oliver Mtukuzi, now, here comes another giant from Zimbabwe. Please try something new in terms of choreography…be original and innovative. In case you forgot, we South Africans love Neria…please! I can do the job of backing vocalist and the audience won’t even notice. But I have to bow for you…great job, Macufe won’t be Macufe without you.

HHP! Now can somebody please tell me what he was doing there! Maybe I am losing it or HHP has completely lost it. He started with a good jam, then he performed his new album, Motswa Africa or something like that. I hope and pray it was only that song since I don’t know all the songs on his new album. I came to a point where I thought I was going to throw up…Some of the lyrics of his new song says "Banana ba kajeno ba bapala football" Yeah right, I realize that the best thing for me to do was to take my camp chair, my cooler bag, hold on to my partner and go home…I am sorry I didn’t wait for Zakes Bantwini, Budaza and Bra Peter; but I hope that they did a good job till next year ......Shalom!.




Can Men really live without Women?

It appears so many people concentrate on the “bad side” of women, but there is more good that comes from them. For a moment, imagine the world without women.

Nah! The world would not be a great place to be. I can’t stop wondering how men will feel, I mean not being able to see the most beautiful piece or art of them all” a woman! I am even sure that when God took out that rib from Adam and created a woman he couldn’t stop looking at the great masterpiece he created! He was admiring and bracing himself all the way resplendent on his Majesty’s Chair.

Let’s go back to that imagination. Hmm, where should I start? OK! How about that feminine smile that makes you weak? The one that makes you lose your mind! Mmm! Or may I say that curvaceous body that you want to grab, or maybe those silky soft legs that you so much want to get in-between! I don’t know, you tell me!

Aren’t those the things that make you spend your last cents on? Aren’t these what men talk about every time when they are gathered? I think it is a shame that many men don’t want to accept that they can’t live without women.

I am proud to be a woman and though sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, because of these weaknesses of men outlined above. We sometimes intercede with men who have inserted master locks on their tongue and decide to take rather than ask.

If I had had a say when God created everything, I would have told him to put women on one side of the Ocean, and men on the other side. Without any doubt you would have seen so many of the men drowning because they wanted to cross the ocean to be next to women!

I thank God everyday that I am a woman. I can’t imagine how it feels to be a man. I mean in those beautiful, unique women you only have to choose one…Jeez, that would have been difficult for me. I salute the creator of all – Your Majesty!

OCTOBER 7 – OCTOBER 13 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “President Zuma graces FS Shores” By Nthabiseng Lisele. Front page

Reproduced hereunder:



The President of the country, Mr Jacob Zuma visited the Free State to monitor cardinal programmes of the rural development. He specifically visited small rural settlements like Diyatalawa and Makholokoeng in Thabo Mofutsanyana local municipality.

Free State News gathered that the community started to stay in these two rural settlements from 1994, and the places were not in good condition for people to settle. But these people stayed there until the government of the Free State saw a need to help them live like other people.

Population of these two places was very low for the past years, but this year it has grown, as the people are beginning to settle well because of great improvements orchestrated by the government.

In the past years, people were staying in the houses built with sandstones, and now they have been provided with pleasant houses. A number of 50 houses of 74 square metre were built.

A sports arena that accommodates 12 different sports varieties was also built in Makholokoeng. Additionally, a temporary clinic, a bakery, and a primary school which contains 12 classrooms, was also built.

The MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mosebenzi Zwane unfurled a report that the department has opened a dairy parlour project, 450 cows were handed over and fruits and vegetables yards were also produced to create jobs for the community members.

To the delectation of many Free Staters on the ground, President Zuma came to observe and witness changes that were done by the Free State government under the leadership of Premier Ace Magashule. The premier was also there with all his MECs and HODs.

The president’s ministers also accompanied the president in order to give reports back to the parliament about the improvements that have been created in Free State province.

The community was given an opportunity to address their problems to the president and the major problem was the high rate of crime especially rape. Other problems include insufficient water and electricity cuts. The president asked them to be patient as “we are going to deliver good services to solve their problems. I will definitely be back here to monitor further progress. Thank you,”

Saturday, October 1, 2011

FREE STATE NEWS September 2011

FREE STATE NEWS (September 2011 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew

Moses Vinger

Confidential Secretary/Manager
Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”

Office Assistant
Thobeka Funani

Kaya M

News Editor
Omoseye Bolaji

Seleke Botsime
Flaxman Qoopane
Nthabiseng Lisele

Columnist, Feminine Flutters:
Regomoditswe Motsalane

Sesotho editor:
Kgang Abel Motheane

Lay-out artist
Tumisang Takang

Contact number:
051 447 1655

SEPTEMBER 30 – OCTOBER 6 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Parliament to the people!” By Seleke Botsime. Page 3

Reproduced hereunder:

Parliament to the people!

By Seleke Botsime

The parliament of the republic of South Africa successfully conducted People's Assembly at the Seisa Ramabodu, Stadium, Mangaung in the Free State Province, which petered to an last weekend.

Speaking at the launch, Nomi India Mfeketo emphasized that this was a national event, with different committees. “The main purpose of the event is to build an effective people's Parliament that is responsive to the needs of the people and is driven by the ideal of realizing a better quality of life for all the people of South Africa Parliament and the people.”

Free State News further gathered that there will be committee that will do the oversight on Free State issues. It being the sixth people’s Assembly, plans and ideas have been addressed in order to make it not just a talk-shop. Apart from deputy minister, India Nomfeketo, the occasion was graced by MEC Zwane of Agriculture and rural development, Mamiki Qabathe from GOCTA, and the Free State speaker B. Sesele.

Speaking at the launch, MEC Zwane said that the Parliament came at the right time. “We still have fresh memories of the World Cup and we are only few months away from the centenary. The project will surely improve our province and the service that is going to be given the first priority must be from the people of Free State.”

He added: “It is gratifying to note that this is an event where all districts and the nine provinces of the country are represented. The committees of Parliament are conducting site visits all over the province, and will compile reports that will constitute part of discussion during the thematic sessions. The MP'S from the National Council of Provinces are currently conducting visits all over the country and they will be able to provide national perspective on the status of the service delivery and other matters that need Parliament attention.”

The new approach towards the people’s assembly is that it is program-based and no longer events -based. It is a development program that will run from 2011-2014. The significance of the 2011 Assembly is that it will lay the foundation, and 2013 will be the culmination of the fourth Parliament program for the people's Assembly.

It was further revealed that there is well thought-out process that will ensure that the deliberations of the people’s assembly are processed in a manner that would yield the expected results. All the deliberation of People's Assembly will be compiled and tabled in Parliament as prescribed by the applicable rules of procedure. The report will then be referred to the relevant committees for their interaction with relevant departments. After a period of seven months, members of Parliament will again make follow-up with the communities and their challenges as reflected in the People Assembly reports. At the end of the day some sort of vision will be reflected in the People's Assembly reports, including pertinent challenges raised by the communities will be addressed.

SEPTEMBER 23 – SEPTEMBER 29 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Minister Baloyi on the qui vive” By Nthabiseng Lisele. Page 2

Reproduced hereunder:


… inspects public services with aplomb


The Free State province was part of the Public Service week which was graced by the Minister of Public Service and Administration, Richard Baloyi. He personally conducted the programme which took place this week (from 19 - 23 September) around the Free State.

The Minister was accompanied by the MEC for Police, Roads and Transport in the Free State, Butana Komphela. South Africa as a whole observed the Public Service week with dignity, where public services were inspected.

This programme indeed attracted participation from ministers, public servants across the three spheres of government, state owned enterprises, ambassadors, institutions of higher learning, civil society organization, and the citizenry at large.

This year’s theme in this wise was called, “Transformative Leadership in Public Administration and Governance: Creating a better future for all; My Public Service-My future”. Free State News gathered that the theme is a platform for participation and engagement for the delivery of quality public services.

Other activities as regards this event included the deployment of senior managers to service delivery; unannounced visits to service delivery institutions; service delivery exhibitions, and creating awareness to enhance access to citizens by provincial and national departments.

Richard Baloyi said: “We are looking at finalising the regulations dealing with disciplinary actions against senior managers by October”.

The senior management service conference will also take place where the ethics and integrity, progress made on the work of the special anti-corruption; register of financial interest by senior public servants will be considered.

SEPTEMBER 16 – SEPTEMBER 22 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “MEC Zwane brings a smile to orphans” By Nthabiseng Lisele Page 3

Reproduced hereunder:



The MEC for Agriculture in the Free State, Msebenzi Zwane visited the town of Ficksburg to extend a generous, helping hand to orphans.

He started his day at St Paul’s Anglican Church at Ficksburg where he thanked the church for taking part in praying to solve the divisions at Meqheleng local municipality. He also prayed for the local municipality elections to be a success, and indeed they were successful.

The MEC gave the amount of R 1 000-00 to the sermon collection at this church, and also gave R 300-00 to an unfortunate, hapless learner. The latter is doing matric this year, and now she can at least afford to go to matric farewell like any other learners.

Thereafter the MEC went to have a special lunch with the orphans and children who came from the less fortunate families. There is a centre called the Ficksburg child care forum which is responsible for taking care of these kids; this project was created in 2009. Free State news learnt that the caregivers are not being paid, and are taking care of these children out of their hearts.

He gave them hats and scarf printed with the South African flag to support the springboks, and polar blankets. He also gave them toys worth R 16 000-00. Meanwhile, Mr Zwane promised the kids land where they will grow different types of vegetables. They are expected to sell them, and use the accrued money for other purposes.

The day became even more colourful as the choir of the MEC (Zwane) organised a music concert at Meqheleng Hall where people paid an entrance fee to watch the concert, and many other groups participated.

50 percent of the money that was allocated here was given to the Ficksburg child car forum. There was also a young man, Bongani who is physically disabled, but could still talk a little. He made a wish that he wanted to see Tsholo Leokaoke, a presenter from Lesedi fm.

And right on the spot, the MEC queried Bongani about his heart’s desire, and assured him that his dream will come true. Tsholo promised to come to Bongani’s birthday on the 27th September this year.

SEPTEMBER 9 – SEPTEMBER 15 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Women’s month rounded off with aplomb!” By Nthabiseng Lisele. Page 3

Reproduced hereunder:


…. Gwede Mantashe revels at the occasion


The Women’s Month celebration ended on a very high note at Qalabotjha in Villiers where different departments in the Free State gathered together to unveil the projects dedicated to women.

It was an exhilarating occasion which was embraced by a host of dignitaries, including the ANC General Secretary, Gwede Mantashe. Also present was the Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule, Minister Lulu Xingwana, MEC Sisi Ntombela, MEC Mamiki Qabathe and MEC Tate Magoe.

One of the laudable projects that were officially opened was the Qalabotjha Clinic, which is sited right in the location. The clinic is ample and it has a maternity unit so that pregnant women won’t struggle anymore when ready to give birth. Jobs will be created as cleaners and nurses will be hired for this new clinic. The Department of Health is determined to ensure that this clinic becomes a success for the community.

The MEC for Human Settlement, Mamiki Qabathe handed over 100 houses to a coterie of women. The MEC for Social Development, Sisi Ntombela also announced that her Department will build two crèches very soon at Qalabotjha.

Premier Magashule took the opportunity to announce that 50 learners who have matriculated but never got the opportunity to go to schools, will be sent to driving schools to be trained for driving licences, free of charge.

The MEC for Education, Tate Makgoe also did his part as the ABSA bank handed over a cheque worth R20 000-00 to two secondary schools, Retshedisitswe and Gugulethu. Each school will receive R10 000-00.

Free State News learnt that this money will be used to buy pads for all the girls at these schools because the department of Education saw a need that some girls were struggling to afford them.

It was also revealed that past matriculates who failed will be helped with studying their past subjects so that they can be ready to re-write their exams.
The ANC women’s league demonstrated its magnanimity and empathy with the terrible human situation in Somalia by contributing food, money, clothes and many other necessary acquirements to support them through their painful period.

In closing of the Women’s Month, Gwede Mantashe told the ANC women’s league that the national body will support them every step of the way “because they are the greatest pillar of the ANC.” His appearance was warmly received and appreciated.

SEPTEMBER 2 – SEPTEMBER 8 2011 edition

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Sadtu pulls out all the stops!” By Seleke Botsime. Page 3

Reproduced hereunder:

SADTU pulls out all the stops!!

By Seleke Botsime

The SADTU conference in Mangaung lasted for four days and proved illuminating in its ramifications. Among the distinguished guests at the occasion was the MEC of Education, Tate Makgoe. The opening of the conference was done by Phel Parkies, the SACP Provincial Secretary who said that the occasion would elicit clarity.
It was an occasion to unravel inter alia the communist Manifesto which a medley of speakers reveled in. Parkies, for one said that communists are distinguished from each others’ working class parties with the national struggle of the proletarians of different countries.

It was stressed that political power, if properly understood, is merely the “organised power of one class for oppressing another.” He further said that as the SACP, nothing is easier than inculcating every aspect of social life, even Christian ascetism with a communist tinge. He queried: “For how long shall we change the curriculum in our schools? The education system has not stabilized, yet we are into 17 years of democracy.”
He added: “We need to talk about salaries of educators, more of those at foundation level, since these are the people that educate your children about our culture and moral orientation of a child.” He added that because of the gender struggle that is so embedded in National Democratic (NDR), economic emancipation of women should not be reduced.
He indicated the context of the SACP Mid term Vision which stipulates “six pillars” - the political program - economy, workplace, community, ideology, international solidarity.

The ANC regional conferences towards its 2012 elective conference were also touched on. “Any ruction for the movement and malicious campaign led by vacuous elements must be pulverized in the movement and we are desirous of a successful conference.”
Tate Makgoe said that one of the issues that needed to be addressed was to engage and discuss with earnestness. He said that many comrades are afraid to speak their mind. “Now is the time to restore the culture of our organisation. There is no need to separate both the ANCYL and the mother body. SADTU is a strong movement and surely it will take South Africa forward…although there are many challenges, we need to find solutions as the movement and move forward,”

The MEC said that the young ones need to participate and get more involved, especially on subjects like Mathematics, and Science. “We must remember that education can be used as a weapon. It is our challenge to open the doors of learning culture, since the level of unemployment is rising at an alarming stage. If we want to change the education system, we need to change it from school level. Furthermore, we need to believe in the capabilities of our teachers. Let’s not deny our children their first love, which can be science subjects,”

The other speaker was Sam Mashinini, the provincial secretary of COSATU who said that the movement had to be streamlined, with progress etching every step ahead. “If we don’t speak out, we inadvertently allow caucus to be held at the ‘corner’. Additionally, the problems of the ANC and the Youth League are everyone’s problems,”
Mr. Mashinini said: “One cannot dub part-time employment as decent, and we need to give decent education in order to avoid the children getting derailed; then they should go for further school. SADTU members should be conscientised and boosted with revolutionary educators…on the 05 of October the decision is that there will be a downing of tools. Let’s be an integral part of change!”

He also indicated that he was appealing to everybody to “campaign against Wall Mart…the entry point of Africa is through South Africa and now we have the support of the Government and are happy that the wall mart will have to go through their condition. Let’s bail the country out!”