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This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years. 

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By Letshego Moeng

Gangsterism is a serious problem in the province and will be the first area which will be mainly focused on to nip in the bud, and will be followed by drugs and illegal mining, stock theft and proliferation of fire arms.

These sentiments were adumbrated by the newly appointed Lieutenant General Free State Provincial Commissioner, Thabethe Simon Mpembe. Impressively, Mpembe has carved a niche for himself in this career spanning over 35 years.

The former Provincial Commissioner of Limpopo is credited with diffusing people Against Gangsterism and Drugs unrest in the Western Cape during the 1990s. He is also the former station commander of police stations such as Johannesburg Central, Mfuleni, Kraaifontein and Nyanga as well as both Gauteng and Cape Town’s former operational commander.
Mpembe said: “We will also be speaking to the National Prosecuting officer so that if people are arrested we should be able to oppose bail. We need to send people to jail, and let them know that if you get involved in crime you will be arrested and dealt with”.

He added that they will also be embarking on Imbizo which are education within communities on how they can resist this situation. Awareness will be done and to enable the community to have resilience skills.

“Drugs will be our second focus. If we don’t address these issues we sit with a problem and thus a generation of crime”.

The new supremo admitted that there are some issues which are quickly to solve and some which will take time. In terms of the Issues of gangsterism it becomes disruptive to education as the youth are the targets in schools.

He further on explained that the last thing which will be dealt with is ensuring visibility is high, as well as vehicles patrolling on the highway.

“To ensure police safety we will make certain that they are well armed and well briefed and informed to deal with the situation to a point of seeing to it that they wear proof arms.”
Free State News discovered that property crimes are also a problem not only in the province but in the country at large. He concluded that if generators of crime are dealt with profusely most of the crimes will be decreasing and that will form part of the police’s plan.

The police officers said unanimously: “With such impeccable policing background the entire Free State workforce looks forward to rallying behind their new Provincial commissioner”.
Mpembe’s display of excellence through experiential training is coupled with academic attributes such as a National Diploma in Police Administration and a Masters degree in Public Administration.


By Raselebeli Khotseng

Mangaung townships oozed with Macufe-like excitement at Putswa Stene tavern as Putswa Stene patrons offered food and clothes to the aged and the needy kids. The glittering event was graced by government officials, NGOs, cultural workers, elderly people and responsible men of high intoxication.

Mr Gift Mahlumba, the mc welcomed the guests and warned people not to think that drinking men are only concerned about enjoying drinking and can’t raise their children. Mr Thomas Mohapi a patron’s vocal person mentioned the day 5th October as important day as it followed the 6th which is the international day of the aged. Patrons are men consoling and advising themselves about their family issues here at Putswa Stene tavern, he said. He continued that elders suffered during the era of apartheid before and now they endure the same pain under their own children

He started his speech by summarizing the background of the patrons that boasts of giving clothes and food to institutions like Pelonomi kiddies ward, Mabeoana Primary, Bloemspruit orphanage and Boichuco old age centre. To him, this indicates that men can drink and be abusers but not all men are the same; as he went further about caring for the aged he said it’s not only our blood grandparents we should take care of, but any elder in our community belongs to us.

Ladies thereafter volunteered themselves’ to knitting clothes for the elders Thomas concluded by saying: “This nation of elders and orphans is a nation of us patrons.”
Mr Mahlumba asked Bramfischer choir to perform some items that made guests to stand on their feet and transform elders younger as they dance, sing and ululating in applauses.

Meanwhile me Matshidiso Mokgoro a Bramfischer director told guests that working with elders and orphans need patience. “Nowadays children make their elders dumping sites by leaving them with a burden of grandchildren. Our elders should not be taken to old age centres whilst their children and families are still around,” She enthused that on the occasion she was convinced that not all men are abusers. She thanked Mr Piki Plaatjie for encouraging men to do this mammoth task and inviting her.

Bramfischer traditional dancers showcased their talent where even passers-by watched in awe at magnificent dance. Mr Lecholo Nkabinde from Commission of gender equality highlighted the importance of the commission with regard to individual rights, protection and responsibility.

He warned people of different cultures, race, sex and religious background to be tolerant and respect others’ rights, and existence. This is vital because those rights have limitations in every man and woman. He stressed that “even though you have rights, I advise you men not to divorce because we want to build a real man,” According to him, there are many types of abuse but the worst abuse is the economic one, and with this parents should support children irrespective of their differences. A child has no right to one parent but to both, so stop to go to maintenance court - rather reach consensus to support children’ he concluded

One of the beneficiaries, an elder Ntate Mokone Mokhati thanked the patrons for beautifying elders with clothes and declared that he is fortunate to live in Phahameng where patrons don’t invite drunkards only, but even non-drunkards for help. His speech was followed by the one of Mr Makhwenkwe Fikizolo, a community leader who revealed statistic of children receiving grants in Free State as 95 000.

He lamented that those kids have employed fathers who are not drinking. It is amazing that patrons are drinking but are concerned about the plight of needy kids. He further reminds men to go back to their cultural heritage where a man is a man by his sacrifice to his community.

Sister Aaron, a self motivated medical practitioner discussed about her community project aimed at assisting the poor and vulnerable ones with no or lesser charge. She was applauded by men and women.


With Kgang Abel Motheane

The theme of this week is about what I have done to the students of Rutanang Primary School at Kagisanong near Outdoor Sport Centre teaching the Grade 4 Setswana Idioms, and gave them home thought that every pupil must bring ten of the Setswana Idiom like Senkganang se nthola morwalo – meaning “those who hate me lessen my problems.”

So the children had gone home to bring my home work the next day. I will be correcting those Question paper and I will also edit them and teach them how to write a book. The principal and the teachers concerned were very happy about my visit that is very educative thought; that would bring the good results of the pupil at Setswana texts.

I wish that the pertinent children must reach the high percentage of the subject of their mother tongue; if they work hard they will reach the total of Setswana language.
Palesa Mashwabi and Dibuseng Sethole and others organised the thought of the morning that the children may succeed at the end of the year examinations.

I taught the pupils and they enjoyed the Setswana session. I say good luck to my boys and girls. This initiative will hopefully inspire other schools to contact this columnist.


By the way congratulations for the latest piercing book-length study on my editor, Omoseye Bolaji – By P Lechesa. It is titled Bolaji in his pomp (below) It’s a great book and boost for literature!

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