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This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years. 

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By Letshego Moeng

The Department of Rural Development Minister, Gugile Nkwinti visited farms in the Free State to evaluate if they are making progress. The process involved his quest to find out more about what the farmers are saying. The people that were present were Director General Mdu Shabane, Deputy Director Vussy Mahlangu and the MEC Mamiki Hlabathe as well as Head of Department of the DARD Peter Thabethe.

The farm in Cecilia is that they keep the details of the cost with the help of abattoir mentor helps them by teaching them how to use the tractors and feed for the cattle is their biggest cost. Diesel is also very expensive. The reason they are able to detect if the cows are sick is by applying what they learnt at a course.

They have a schedule in which to give medication to the cows, as it is now September they immunise them against invidious infections. In February and August they managed to sell some cows. They are planning to sell again in November but all this depends on the price because the owner will have to sell but keep and specifically sell the winners which are 195 in total; whereas the total number of them are 520.

“We bought another good bull so that we can have better weight and thus need to have a total of 3 bulls. The Nguni that we have is the one we are struggling to have a market for because people are reluctant to buy them due to the horns,”

Specialist Mike Sparg who is working with them teaches them how to farm and he also works with a strategic partner Graeme Leach as well as Johan Grove and Werner Rautenbach. ‘We have a passion about what we do. And have been doing this from 2006 to 2012,” Sparg explained.

The MEC proceeded to ask all the farmers categorised in red, green and amber to stand and Nomsa who was in the green said: “You need to know your market access and let them know how to comply. If you are not managing conflict you will be found wanting in terms of the issue of principles. You must just have patience, honesty and proper communication.”
CPA-Mokgashe said that “you must be passionate, aggressive, and available for what you do and be committed as well as work in a team”.

“Black farmers are doing it and this opportunity is not only for KZN,” said Siyabonga Madladla who is a young farmer.

“Let us not eat up the seed we are supposed to produce. I was brought up in farming. To those in green I say aluta continua and let us not disappoint the government. If we waste resources we may not get them again”. Madladla said.

Nkwinti said: “We are here to review and recap the performance because this is tax payers’ money. Those who are being mentored accept it that you are being mentored. Please consider who is going to lose the farm at the end of the day.”

The people who proved to be unsuccessful the minister said that in 6 months’ time he will be coming to them and if they are not green, they must at least be amber and not red “for it is their responsibility to turn it around”.

Siyabonga invited the minister to celebrate his success of the CRDP in the Mantsoming district, KZN. “We want to buy equity in the Bloemfontein arboretum for these farmers, we bought eleven but now there is more in the Free State. We want you to begin to move in the value chain and in order to do that, have sustained production discipline.”


By Raselebeli Khotseng

A glittering Heritage Day with elders from Mafora including surrounding areas taking centre stage was held with Amplaid at Bramfischer services centre situated in Mafora informal settlement in Bloemfontein.

The event was blessed with important guests from different NGOs, leader, men structure and wards committee member, Me Mpontsheng Kgotle programme director called upon Pastor Pitso Lekeka to open the day with a short prayer and afterwards Me Cecelia Tshidi Mokgoro welcomed the guest as Manager of the  center.

Among the important guests she introduced were pastor Lekeka from St Rama Apostolic Church in Zion, Mr Thabo Lekgetho who briefed the attendees about the purpose of the day, motivational speakers from Putswa Stene Patrons Mr Piki Plaatjie and Raselebedi Khotseng who is also a manager of Men’s Solidarity, Tebello Masita (From Social Development) who attended on personal capacity as he is no longer tasked to work with local NGO’s but helped to capacitate the Centre’s management.

Lastly, in attendance was a self-motivated Health Practitioner Me Beverly Aaron and Manaledi Malebo, a traditional healer. This attendance by different people from their respective organization shows how our initiatives are being cared for”, said Matshidiso after she finally introduced her committee members. Mr Piki Plaatjie asked people not to paint every man with the same brush by regarding all men as abusive but women must come and see other men who changed lives of abused ones at Putswa Stene.
Me Naledi Malebo warned girls from the initiation school not to make their mothers feel they are no longer having control over them.

“Girls must remain girls even after their course to their parents”, she concluded. Me Aaron appealed to the communities to help themselves and others as she did to empower and train home-based careers of Bramfischer.

Entertainment was provided by the Bramfischer Carers Choirs to the applause of the audience. There was also traditional music by young girls, and poems by yours truly added excitement and ululations.

Me Phephile Ndaba Mbele made a handover of T-shirts as a uniform to little traditional dancers. Thereafter Me Kgotle closed the event formally – and guests were entertained with traditional food and drinks.

Fulsome celebrations for N.G Church

By Gordon Vinger

Amidst fizz, pomp and flamboyance, the N.G Church Batho celebrated its anniversary in Batho Location in Mangaung last Sunday.

Reverend Samuel Mbebe conducted the sermon during the celebration, whilst various church choirs and cultural groups entertained the audience.

During the whopping 120th anniversary of the Church, the congregation participated in ruffling and children entertained themselves with jumping castles

Many stakeholders on the ground, and aficionados of the church in general, told Free State news that it was a wonderful, auspicious occasion; and the future was bright in very respects.

Indeed no stone was left unturned to ensure that the occasion was a roaring success with informed, proficient speakers sketching out what a historic occasion was being marked.

This comment was typical. “We envisage that the great deeds and prospects will go on for many years to come – even in 200 years’ time. This is a veritable great Church. That’s the way to go!”


With K A Motheane

Efficacy of Boy Scouts Movement

I have been a Boy Scout for many decades now, and this Column today can reveal the profound impact of the World Organisation, the Boy Scouts on my career. Lord Baden Powell who founded the Boy Scouts was born on 22 February 1857 in London, England.

This Columnist has learnt a lot of things, thanks to the movement; for example compass tracking sign, mapping signalling, flag-breaks etc. For decades I have been teaching the boys to be good citizens and to respect everybody. The training provided by scouting is very broad and adventurous.

The training comprises practical things, and cleaniness and handicrafts are also taught. The iconic Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon was also a Scout. Astronomy is also taught at the Boy Scout Organisation.

Incidentally, Baden-Powell who started the Boy Scouts was also a most prolific writer, having published well over 20 books on military warfare, the Scouting movement, and many other general works. His book, Scouting for Boys is one of the most bestselling works of all time

This Column encourages the children to join the movement, but not only the children and the adults as well. Those who are interested in joining the Movement, I am there for them as I will love to keep the children off the street, refraining from smoking, drugs etc.

 As usual I can be contacted via 073 3002306 

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