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Police officers under fire!

By Regomoditswe Motsalane

Members of the Free State community this week expressed their distaste and anger over reports that a police officer was almost killed by daring suspects of an alleged ATM bombing.

“Enough is enough,” Jerry Seekoei, a well known political analyst and essayist told Free State news. “These ATM bombings are horrific and cause panic and discomfort all over. It must be stopped. And shooting at those who are protecting us – the police – is completely unacceptable all over the world,” Other residents expressed sentiments along these lines.

It was revealed that a 47 year old police officer sustained gunshot wounds when the suspects that were allegedly bombing an ATM at Thaba Nchu noticed their marked police vehicle.

The incident took place when the unsuspecting police officers were busy patrolling around the area of Thaba Nchu. Sources indicate that t while on patrol they noticed a white Audi private vehicle packed on the road, next to Absa Bank ATM. The officers drove closer to investigate, and to the chagrin of the police officers, the suspects suddenly shot at the police officers, injuring one of them!

The bullet slightly hit him on the right arm and on the right leg as the bullet penetrated through the lower right of the vehicle door and through both windows. Other police officers were called and thereafter it was discovered that three ABSA ATMs were bombed and an undisclosed amount of money was stolen. It is alleged that they used AK47, R5 and pistol for shooting.

Meanwhile, a case of attempted murder and ATM bombing has been opened at Thaba Nchu police. But by press time, the suspects were still at large and the officer was being treated at the hospital for his injuries. He is stated to be in ‘a stable condition’.

Thaba Nchu police request anyone who might have information regarding the suspects to contact the nearest police station or contact Detective/ Captain Mothepane Ledimo of Thaba Nchu on 051 8751109 or 082 467 6612.


By Raselebeli Khotseng

The “Health Communication” (H.C) is one of the prevention programmes of the New Year deals with specifically parents or guardians whose children range between eight and twelve years old.

Under the theme, “Families Matter” the H.C has conducted a series of trainings for parents with the aim of teaching and capacitating them to be able to communicate with their children on serious issues of sexuality and HIV.

Parents or guardians are trained in methods and ways of how to approach the debates and discussions in a professional manner when talking to children about HIV and STI. “The purpose of these important trainings is to prevent the spreading of HIv/Aids, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy at early stage,” said Seeiso Theko, one of the trainers.

He (Seeiso) and Phindile Hayo who is also a trainer encourage parents to inform others about the importance of this training through the slogan “word of mouth” parents are requested to pass information to the next parents.

Free State News learned that the Families Matter programme is run for three hours a day in five weeks, and the last first week parents are once more requested to bring with them their children during training session in order to discuss with them practically about what they (parents) have learned at the training as a way of assessing their ability to communicate at home.

Presently, trainings are conducted around Mangaung and the offices of the New Start situated at Cuthbert building (Room 205)


Letshego Moeng

In another exhilarating development, Free State Commuters Forum will be working hand-in-glove with the South African Police Services in Mangaung and Tourism Mangaung in a nutshell.

Always visionary and dynamic, Free State commuters is prepared to continue to commit itself towards conflict prevention, peace keeping, peace building, and post-conflict restructuring in the transport industry.

“We are also prepared to interact with and partner with other relevant stakeholders to fight gangsterism around our beloved CBD and other small malls or business centers because it is where our differently-abled are found mostly, on a daily basis. Field work prepared,” said L. Bokako, Chairperson.

The above mentioned forum is prepared to interact with motorists, passengers during the Easter holidays, festive seasons, and long weekends to reduce death or carnage on the roads. We are still on the journey of educational pilot programme for our beloved commuters and we are nowhere close to where we should be.”

He added: “We are prepared to win hearts and minds of commuters mostly the differently-abled and drivers of both taxis and buses. We are prepared to spread the message of hope, unity, change, dignity, integrity and mutual respect. We will keep on working to find solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.”

He stressed that Road safety should not only be the Minister of transport or MEC’s responsibility or that of the road traffic management corporation. “Together we can all contribute. We are prepared to engineer safety in our road users through different means of communication (e.g newspapers, posters, stickers, banners and pamphlets). 

Information is going to be provided in a language which commuters may understand.”

Additionally, communication lines are going to be kept open in order for all those involved to voice their concerns and offer suggestions on how to improve their services.

 “Interactions were initiated with other relevant stakeholders to improve on partnerships and encourage integrated approach in promoting road safety. We have already started with the interstate bus lines educational pilot program,” Bokako stressed.

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