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Free State News July 19 2013 sample stories

Free State News, July 19 2013 sample stories

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years. 

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By Raselebeli Khotseng

As part of the euphoria that swept the world yesterday – the 95th birthday of the global titan, Nelson Mandela - the FS Department of Education and Treasury orchestrated its employees and officials outside the Provincial Department Building C.R Swartz) with the aim of making his birthday a memorable one.

This was part of South Africans’ joint effort to come together in singing the special “Happy Birthday” song for the international icon yesterday.

The occasion started at 7.30 am and it was attended by a plethora of well-wishers from other government departments. Before the kick-start of this epochal event, even the jubilant crowd sang songs of praise to Mandela “Hayo Mathata ha Madiba a le teng” billowed forth complemented by freedom songs.

Mr Lefaso Mofokeng asked the crowd which comprised a miscellany of colours and race to sing the national anthem; before calling upon Mr N Kotjomela to chip in with an effusive prayer.

Afterwards Mr H.L Kgomongwe, the Department’s Chief Executive Officer opened with some revelatory remarks, reminding people about what Mandela stood for. “We grew up under his image and guidance as he sacrificed his entire life for human lives,”. 

He enthused further: “We should emulate his values by doing the right things…people must not bear grudges against another, and try to forgive and forge ahead,”

Afterwards, Mr Ephraim Semanego recited a praise-poem in honour of Mandela. Then Mr R.S Malope, the head of Department, said that Mandela is a dignified hero who the world reveres, and can never forget. “What made him even more special is that he is also a human being like others, but he has inspired us prodigiously.  He stands to promote spirit of volunteerism, respect of diversity and reconciliation,”

He went on to encourage officials to embark on efforts that Madiba requested them to do which includes sacrifice for the lives of others,” concluded.
The occasion was wrapped up with the department’s choir singing “Happy Birthday, Madiba!”

Free State News joins the fray!

Free State News chipped in with a helping hand yesterday to boost the young ones at the far-flung Oreratile Adra Care Centre as part of quintessential Madiba’s birthday celebrations.

The normally serene, placid area with its rustic ambience lit up as the children and matrons at the Centre became exhilarated at the assorted gifts of snacks, personal accessories and drinks which the newspaper donated to them.

The Publisher of Free State News, Mr Moses Vinger personally graced the event and explained that international Mandela Day was an auspicious opportunity for people to embark on sundry acts of philanthropy and magnanimity especially where the disadvantaged are concerned.

Mr Vinger said: “Free State News has an enviable tradition of always bringing some sunshine to needy people or organizations during the icon (Mandela’s) birthday every year. It is in this spirit that we have donated these items to this Centre,”

The matrons of Oreratile Adra Day Care Centre thanked Free State News for the gesture of goodwill. They explained that the Centre has a number of problems – including inadequate electronic warmth, and basic needs for the young ones. The public at large is invited to help the Centre in any way they can. Those who want to support the institution can do so by contacting Free State News.

Connie’ is a woman of substance

By our correspondent

Constance Nokuzola Sambokwe-Leeuw has had an intriguing, rather checkered history. She epitomizes the new-brand mature South African woman, post 1994.

In this wise, this intrepid lady continues to have her fingers in pies- she is an entrepreneur, sports enthusiast, philanthropist, political activist, and even a constructor. She told Free State News this week that when she reminisces about her life journey she is rather satisfied.

“I remember when I was a little girl many years go in a boarding house; I was already politically conscientized. We used to hold meetings discussing what we could do to fight the scourge of apartheid. One thing was for certain, we were not going to be slaves in our own country forever. At home, during holidays in those days we did not want our parents to know that we were already into politics”

Later on whilst undergoing her tertiary education in Mangaung ‘Connie’ would display her non-conformist stance. “I was rather hotheaded even in my dealings with our teachers and lecturers. One day right in public with all the students around, I verbally confronted one white teacher and told him that he was very wrong with one of his comments. I felt he was undermining blacks and I put him in his place”

Connie is the proprietor of Integrated Wound and Health Care Products and Services, a health firm based in Andries Pretorius Bloemfontein “We deal with diabetic sores, Eczema and Psoariasis, superficial wounds bacterial infections, bad sores, surgical wounds, shingles and traumatic wounds. Young ladies who have got into trouble are free to frequent the place,”

Connie, who over the years has taken a number of young women under her wing, more or less “adopting” them, adds:: “Young ladies nowadays should continue to be hard-working and seize the many opportunities open to the in the new South Africa. Diligence, focus, determination, intelligence – that’s the way to go,”


Leshego Moeng

47 year old Mapadi Morenammele is an impoverished woman who lives in Phase 3, Mangaung, with her family where they eke out something of a miserable existence.

Her three children are: Mamello Khasu (28), Kgotsofalang Madidimetsa (38) - now married - Relebohile Moremmele, (21), and Puseletso Morenammele (15)

Morenammele told Free State News: “At 11 am I wake up to get water because at 8am in the morning running water stops.  Sometimes these boys come and chase you so hard that you leave the bucket behind just to salvage your life because you don’t know what they might do to you!”

They use this water for cleaning, washing, laundry and cooking. “This toilet has been put here and has been blocked since then,” she said.  “My daughter Mamello works, but her salary can not build a house as we have been waiting for an RDP till now. There is no safety here and there is something wrong with our electric poles; should there be a strong wind we will die.”

She added: “They did come to fix it but they pass here and don’t do anything, except reminding me how dangerous it is,” Morenammele went on to explain that the man who gave her this place is her employer who had written the place in his name’s son but changed it when she had an identity Document. “I used to get sick pension and now it is gone,” she said.

Morenammele is amongst the many residents across the Free State who are experiencing the trouble of service delivery.

Incidentally, the Premier of Free State, Ace Magashule discussed these issues related to service delivery at the Open Government Partnership earlier this week.

Free State News learned that the Batho Pele Coordinators in the various Departments have established Service Delivery Improvements Forums which are functioning well but need further capacitating and resourcing in order to mainstream their work into the mainstream of government work and roll-out of Government Programme of Action.

Magashule pointed out: “On a regular basis we Implement a “Know Your Service Rights and Responsibilities” campaign, which has seen government officials going to the coal face of Service Delivery and educating the various communities about their rights and responsibilities but ensuring that the people know their government and are enabled to access services that will impact positively on improvement of their lives.  At an Executive level, we embark on Door to Door Campaigns as we implement service delivery improvement through Operation Hlasela activities”

He added; “Our various service delivery programmes are ensuring that this administration knows where the people live and how they live as well as developing an understanding of what can be done to improve their lives”.  

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