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Free State News October 5 2012 samples

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Correctional Services week commemorated

By Dineo Mokgosi

The Department of Correctional Services in the Free State and Northern Cape region embarked on a corrections week which began on September 24th to September 30th in an effort to showcase pockets of excellence throughout the correctional centres at the department.

During the week, the department sought to inform and educate the public about the achievements in the delivery of corrections, rehabilitations and reintegration of offenders into the society, ensuring a safer and more secure country.

Regional Commissioner, Subashni Moodley said they were only following the mandate of the minister of correctional services, Sbu Ndebele when he said “correctional centres must not be places for locking people up and throwing away the key, not letting offenders rot in cells, but where offenders have to face up to what they have done to victims, engage with restorative justice processes, complete corrections and development programmes and become involved in production workshops and return to the community with skills,” Commissioner Moodley said.

The commissioner said correctional services are the last hope for victims of crime and for many of the individuals sentenced for crime.

“All offenders except for lifers who are considered inappropriate for parole, return to society at the end of the sentence. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure that they are in the best state to be constructive members of society upon their release. Corrections is a societal responsibility in partnership with each other and with the department, we can help reduce the levels of crime in our country,” the commissioner said.

Corrections week was commemorated to create awareness among communities and different stakeholders to take responsibility for correcting offending behavior through foundation units in the family.

Activities in the corrections week included restorative justice processes at the Colesburg centre where there were interactions with victims of crime and awareness on victim participation in parole hearings. There was also a public awareness day in Upington where different regions embarked on a public awareness drive targeting masses as busy intersections, taxi ranks and busy routes to distribute educational information packs about correctional services. Kroonstad correctional centre had an offender family day to encourage family members to visit their offenders in the correctional centre.


By Nthabiseng Lisele

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) dedicated a day to every resident who has been affected by death and injuries from the everyday road accidents. They organized a campaign where people where informed more about the procedures of RAF.

According to the Road Accident Fund (RAF), 2012 has been declared as “The Year of the Customer” which implies that the RAF will be embarking on various initiatives to take their service offering to their customers.

The department such as marketing, communications including stakeholder relations was in collaboration with RAF’s provincial offices, regions and customer services network in the Free State. This special event took place at Batho Township in Mangaung.

The communication manager Jacquie Sobantu indicated that, “In our endeavour to meet the faces behind our files, as well as those families who have been affected by motor vehicle accidents, the RAF hosted this massive community outreach campaign for you”.

The Free State News did learn that the mandate of the RAF is to assist the residents with the status of claims, making settlement offers, to issue medical undertakings certificates and invite eligible community members to lodge claims directly with the RAF.

This campaign amongst other things helped the RAF management to also educate residents of the Free State province, community members of Batho Township and the society at large including the surrounding communities about the RAF.

“The aim of this campaign is to bridge the gap between the RAF and our customers in order to improve service delivery and meet the RAF’s overall strategic objectives”, said Jacquie.

The RAF management also added that this campaign is being rolled out nationally and the visit to Bloemfontein, Batho Township was their 9th lap of the highly successful ‘RAF on the Road’ community outreach, since beginning of the year.

Illuminating Seminar in Mangaung

By Raselebeli Khotseng

The community hall teemed with diverse activities as the World Bible School from America orchestrated proceedings.

The resonant theme at the occasion on the day was – “The word of God must be known to the people, the word says we must trust in god” Indeed, many people here warmed to this theme, as Free State News gathered.

Eddie Mogopodi excelled at the occasion. The main speaker, Mr Mabena, extolled the virtues of the World Bible school. “One nation, one God!” He pointed out that people should join the school, as the courses were not only free, but also illuminating.

“The school is very important for all communities around the world,” he said. A wide medley of people, including officials, the community at large, the Grootvlei choir, basked at the seminar.

It was a majestic day that witnessed fine speeches, moving prayers, and responses from stake holders. The way forward was suggested by many, with the society at large expected to move forward.

Others called for the positive transformation of the people, more especially the prisoners from Grootvlei. Sipho, who works at Gospel Chariot Mission touched on the significance of the bible, and community libraries.

“The Lord is surely coming soon,” he said. Also in attendance was Ntate Kgang Abel Motheane, the well known, prolific, versatile writer and columnist

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