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Free State News June 29 2012


The example of Teboho Masakala

It is always painful to see literacy and literature going to the dogs amidst the youngsters of today. Modern technology worsens this. 

Our youth now mistakenly think that social networking with its largely inane and irresponsible messages shows they are literate and modern. But this is not so. They are going backwards.

In the good old days the young ones studied, read a lot. They absorbed their own legacy, and learnt a lot via books and libraries, even during
apartheid. Now our young ones can hardly read properly, not to talk of
appreciating literature! Youngsters hardly read any books again these days – a disaster for the nation.

That is why a very young man like Teboho Masakala deserves all praise. He is still in his early 20s, but he has already published three books! What a shining example to the youth! 

Never mind the critics, or quality - and even the greatest of writers
and books are ruthlessly criticised worldwide anyway - the fact is
Ntate Masakala is doing very well, and we should all appreciate him.

An exemplary youth during Youth Month. That’s Masakala. His books
include – Mind, pen, papers, idea, Through it all, and The fall of Marcus Desmond
(From the Bookshelf column; by KA Motheane

Mangaung romp to victory

By Mahlomola Moshe

Mangaung played an excellent, exhilarating game when they met with Warriors over the weekend in a match which was played at Masenkeng stadium in Bloemfontein. The first match of the day was between Warriors second side and Mangaung second side which Mangaung won with 18-5.

The big match of the day was between the first team of Warriors and Mangaung first team, where the match was surrounded by throbbing drama. From the beginning of the game Mangaung showed no regard to the Warriors which looked hapless and helpless inside the pitch.

Mangaung was the first team to open scoring after a long struggle to score. On the other hand the Warriors which was fighting hard to make sure that the game was balanced was confronted with a huge task of penetrating the solid line of Mangaung which left no stone unturned to prevent them from scoring.

For Mangaung the game was more or less in the bag with points collected in order for them to improve their position on the league. Mangaung came again and scored, even though they failed to convert a goal, but they pocketed 10 goals in the first half of a match.

The second half was covered with clouds, as Warriors could not understand what was happening inside the pitch. The Warriors which looked confused and frustrated could not match Mangaung which was all over the pitch and in control of the match. Mangaung romped home in decisive manner, winning the game with 50 goals while Warriors failed to notch even one goal!                       

Free State News congratulates Premier Ace Magashule for coming out tops again! His resilience, fortitude, and assiduous approach have been hallmarks of his stewardship. Felicitations to the dynamic

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