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This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province. The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

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FEBRUARY 24 - MARCH 1 2012 edition


By Nthabiseng Lisele

The Free State is still reeling after the demise of Isabella Winkie Direko, a prominent and charismatic former premier of the Free Sate. She was admitted to the Universitas Netcare hospital in Bloemfontein last Thursday night and died on Friday, February17 after suffering a stroke.
Mama Winkie was born in Bochabela on November 27 1929. She attended the Anglican Primary School and completed her matric at Bantu High School in Batho township.

She became involved in politics in the 1940s, finding a niche in the ANC Youth League, during her college days at Modderpoort College. She then started her teaching career at St Patrick School (1949-1953) and later taught at Bantu High School where she retired as principal in 1994.
She was a member of the National Council of Provinces from 1994 to 1999, and Premier of the Free State from June 15 1999 until April 26 2004. Direko was the Free State's third Premier.

"The sudden death of Mme Winkie came as a surprise to us, it's very sad, but I think because she was one of the Christians, believers, she really believed in God, she will always call me”, said premier Ace Magashule, expressing his sadness.

Magashule said in an interview: "I would come to her place and she would pray for me, so it's such sad news to hear that Mme Winkie is no more. But, I think we are here to pass the message of condolences on behalf of the Free State government, the ANC, the people of this province and the people of South Africa."

She was also a member of the Council of Vista University and Chancellor of the Free State University. Mme Winkie also played a leading role in the Girl Guides Association of South Africa and was a council member of NICRO and the Child Welfare Organisation.
In 2001, she obtained an M Ed degree at the University of the Free State; and subsequently bachelor of Arts degree at Vista University in 1990; Home Economics Diploma at Strydom Opleiding in 1964.
Meanwhile, the DA has also expressed shock and sorrow at the death of Direko. DA provincial spokesperson Patricia Kopane said: “Direko played a crucial role in the politics of the Free State and South Africa. Direko had served all Free State residents, regardless of their political affiliation.”
Mme Winkie was much loved by the community as she was a straight talker and she was well known by her phrase: “Banana tlohelang ho iketsa materase”
William Bulwane, spokesperson for Premier Ace Magashule, said the provincial government had requested a state funeral for Winkie Direko.


With Kgang Abel Motheane

Book: Tebogo and the Bacchae

This is the eighth adventure of sleuth Tebogo Mokoena, the fictional Mystery series based on the Free State, now famous worldwide thanks to the author, Omoseye Bolaji.

This new adventure takes place in “Khayachow” town and involves the death of three people. Tebogo sets about putting together the jigsaw of what actually happened that terrible night in this town.

Whilst investigating, Tebogo has to be at his best and sift the wheat from the chaff in ascertaining the truth. For the first time in many years this new adventure is written in the Omniscient narration method, instead of the first person. There is tension, mystery, humour and the usual wisecracks.

The Guest House in Khayachow town is one of the main foci of interest here; but is not the only one. We follow Tebogo as he goes up and down, unravelling this latest mystery. We are also introduced again to Biggie, who featured in the 6th Tebogo adventure, Tebogo and the epithalamion (2009). The “flamboyant man” also somewhat pulls the strings as usual.

Comic gestures are provided in such chapters as Sibusiso and the parrot; and of course in the longest chapter, Lolita; which again reminds us of certain scenes in Tebogo and the pantophagist, the 7th in the series.

This new book already has a number of international editions, and is proving a hit around the world. Interested readers can enjoy the many different reviews and critiques of this new book worldwide on the internet. Tebogo and the Bacchae is great news for the Free State literary pantheon and beyond!

17 FEBRUARY – 23 FEBRUARY 2012 edition

Feature of the week “FS fans of Whitney Houston mourn her demise!” By Nthabiseng Lisele Page 3

Reproduced hereunder:


By Nthabiseng Lisele

The legions of fans of Whitney Houston based in the Free State are sadly in sorrow, as their famous pop/R&B singer unexpectedly died at the weekend.

Whitney was born in Newark on the 9th August 1963. She leaves her mother, together with her 18-year daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Bobby Brown. They were in a marriage of 14- year when they officially broke-up in 2007.

The 48-year-old singer was found dead in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday afternoon, just hours before she was due to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party a few floors downstairs.

Whitney Houston's family was told by L.A. County Coroner officials: “The singer did not die from drowning, but rather from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol,”

She was well known for singing love songs, motivating and inspiring songs. She was a woman who was always seen laughing with people.

One of the upcoming artists from Mangaung, Seleke Botsime said that he became Whitney’s fan in the early 90s and his favourite album back then was I wanna dance with you.

Seleke said: “According to me, she would have been one of the greatest gospel singers. As her mother Cissy Houston was a gospel/R&B singer. So in that thought, she would have taken the gospel taste from her,”

She was one of the female singers who would do 12 octaves without taking a break. “And I remember one of the reasons one of her well known songs “I will always love you”, sold too much was because of that talent of her being able to do 12 octaves without pause”, said Seleke.

And Seleke’s message of support to other artists was: “Whitney died doing what she loved. So let’s love our music and be proud of it”.

Some Mangaung fans blamed Bobby Brown for Whitney’s death. “Whitney was introduced to drugs, all this nonsense in the world by Bobby Brown, so that makes him the culprit”, said Malefu Mokone (34) from Batho location in Mangaung.

One of the fans explained how hurt she was when she found out about Whitney’s death. “Don’t tell anyone, but I cried as if it was a mother who died,” she whispered into my ears.

Nozenza Ramone (49) from Welkom called Free State News to tell how much Whitney has inspired her in life. “I remember when I started falling in love; it was when “Count on me” hit was played frequently on the radio. That song really made me fall in love more. She was one of the greatest love songs’ singers”, she said. She found herself humming the lyrics of this world famous song.

Indeed, people loved Whitney Houston, she was loved for her songs. She will always be remembered by her inspiring music!

10 FEBRUARY – 16 FEBRUARY 2012 edition

Feature of the week “The defenestration of Valentine’s Day” (column)By Regomoditswe Motsalane

Page 5

Reproduced hereunder:

With Regomoditswe Motsalane

The defenestration of Valentine’s Day

What is really a Valentine Day? On second thoughts I really don’t want to know what it means anyway. To me it is meaningless and makes no sense at all.

How can one wait for the whole year just to prove to someone that she/he loves them? Aren’t we supposed to show our partners that we love them everyday?

It has been said and written in books that women like to be bought presents and being made special, “true” but it must also be written and said that they don’t like a once-off thing.

I feel insulted for someone to buy me something on the day that someone bought something big for the one that he loved and kept that day as reminder to him and those close to him to celebrate it with him. Why can’t he buy me something big on any other day and lets us celebrate it as our day?

It is absurd, why can’t someone tell you dawn and dusk that he loves you, why can’t he buy you chocolates and roses every chance he gets? And why does he have to wait for Valentine’s Day to buy you red lingerie instead of buying it every time he wants to spice up the mood in the bedroom. For me I personally think many men use this day as an opportunity to have sex with women! I mean tell me how can on one day a person plays music for you knowing that it will definitely make you kinky, buys you red lingerie and ask you to wear them so that he can see how they fit you as an excuse for you to undress yourself so that you can give him a session or two it will depend.

For those who enjoy it and like being remembered and being appreciated only once in a year, continue I am not against it. Some of these men they just don’t remember your birthday, but “Valentine” they can never forget it. I am sure they plan it during that time they have been ignorant and unloving. From my point of view live everyday like it is your last day, love your women like you never loved before, show her everyday how much you appreciate her; even when it’s not easy all the time and make her everyday her Valentine’s day.


Adieu Kehilwe Rachel Motheane!

“Out, out brief candle”. Thus famously said the one and only William Shakespeare whilst referring to the temporary nature of our lives on this earth. Death is like an unwholesome visitor that we can not do anything about.

It was with profound shock and regret that I had to confront the horrific news that my daughter, very much dear to my heart had departed this world prematurely. It is one of the most melancholy things a father has to go through.

Naturally, I am badly hurt and devastated over my daughter, Kehilwe’s death because I have been a caring father all my life. All her relatives will miss her badly. Let her soul rest in peace.

Ntate Motheane, Letshego, Hlalefo, John, Kgalalelo, Bohlale, Gosiame and relatives – we all miss you with a freshness that is jarring and exceedingly painful. May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace

T times like this we must remember that we are all visitors to this world. Time is a healer… we would be healed as time passes. May God bless us and give us the fortitude to bear this loss.
* Tribute by Kgang Abel Motheane

03 FEBRUARY – 09 FEBRUARY 2012 edition

Feature of the week “Happy 40th Anniversary of the illustrious Thekishos!” By Flaxman Qoopane Page 2

Reproduced hereunder:

Happy 40th Anniversary of the illustrious Thekishos!

By Flaxman Qoopane

The parents of a celebrity, Lorato Thekisho (30) celebrated the happy 40th anniversary of their marriage in Cape Town and in Durban recently.

Mongale Jerry Thekisho (66) told Free State News: “Together with my wife, Mamohau Grace Thekisho (65) we were accommodated at the Protea Hotel. The other 78 guests were accommodated at the Milner Hotel in Cape Town.”

He added: “The 40th anniversary of our marriage was held at the Groote Schuur Hospital Hall on 11 December last year.”

During the celebration, the daughters of Mr and Mrs Thekisho, Tumelo Sedikelo (39) Tsholofelo Taoa (35) and Lorato were maids of honour. Tlotliso Taoa (1 year, six months) was a flower boy. The parents were wearing the ruby colours. Their favourite song – Because of you by Caiphus and Letta Mbuli was played.

Mongale quoted Ecclesiastes Chapter 9, verse 9 at their celebration: “Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love all day of these meaningless days for these your Lord in life and in your toilsome labour under the sun,”

On 12 December last year, Tumelo Sedikelo celebrated her 39th birthday with her parents, husband Teboho Sedikelo, two sisters and other invited guests at the Chemistry Beach in Cape Town.

Mr and Mrs Thekiso visited Robben Island, Table Mountain and took in the sights courtesy of a pertinent bus around Cape Town. On 15 December, the couple boarded the MSC Melody Cruise from Cape Town to Durban for three nights and four days.

“We left Cape Town at 9.00 pm on 15 December and arrived in Durban on 18 December 2011 at 7.30 am. There was a lot of fun and entertainment in the Cruise. We ate all sorts of delicious food, including buffet. In Durban we stayed at the Road Lodge. While in Durban we spent the whole day at the Ushaka Marine Beach. On the 19 December we flew from Durban to Bloemfontein,”

Going down memory lane, Mongale and Mamohau Thekisho had their wedding on 11 December 1971. “In a marriage there are ups and downs, but we have survived all travails and we thank God that. He looked after us and we celebrated our 40th anniversary in marriage. We attended the St. John Methodist Church in Mangaung. The Church has played a great role in our marriage. As a couple we need to be honest with each other,” said Mamohau.

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