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FREE STATE NEWS - MAY 2010 editions

FREE STATE NEWS (May 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

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MAY 28 – JUNE 3 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Hawkers ventilate their dissatisfaction” By R Khotseng (Front page)


By R Khotseng

On Monday the 24th May 2010 hundreds of Mangaung Hawkers’ Association gathered at Glass House nearby park to protest against treatment they received from the Municipality police. They alleged that police harassed them and confiscated their food products or items they sell. Another demand was that many hawkers were restricted from selling their items during the World Cup tournament.

Whilst protesters were outside, chanting slogans, singing, committee members of the association were busy negotiating with Municipality [represented by the speaker, Mr Thami Stander). After a day-long meeting, the speaker and association chairperson Mr Abraham Rammile addressed the hawkers about the outcome of their meeting. This was based on the following resolutions:

• A forum in this respect was expected to be formed yesterday (May 27) which will constitute a liaison between hawkers’ committee and the Municipality to discuss amongst others permits. The permits’ issue is important because it will prohibit anyone from displaying his/her business items without permit
• This forum will be called Business Forum and will meet once every month to discuss progress and setbacks affecting hawkers
• Hawkers should stop selling things like paraffin, petrol, dairy products and many more

However, hawkers were told that all food products confiscated by police are being thrown to the dumping site, but in future the Municipality will consider this and donate these food and clothes to charity organisations like Old Age home. Mr Rammile asked hawkers to continue their business as usual until after the tournament when permits will be considered.

Mr Stanley Thimani, one of the committee members, said that he was happy about the resolutions because they expose corruption on the issuing of permits and make way for those who deserve the permits but failed because of these corrupt permit holders



With Hector Kunene

Bloemfontein glittering for the World Cup

I took some time to look at the valleys and the hills of Free State and they waved awesome gestures towards welcoming our most anticipated guests. Free State has taken an initiative to make sure that the hosts are served with pride and dignity.

Millions have been spent for road infrastructures and bridges to magnify and beautify the City of Roses. The preparation has been awesome and the councils and the municipalities need to be recognized for a job well done. The people have been patient whilst the City was going through change for the better. We are the same people to benefit after the World Cup after all. The City of Roses will have gone through a revolutionary impact that will leave the Free Staters smiling from ear to ear. Have you seen the N1 driving to Johannesburg? You will notice the two way going and coming back which will diminish the traffic. Now that is what I call thinking ahead. Now at any time, we can host anything in our African soil.

The World Cup committee have done wonders and a touch of Madiba has seen this country meeting the 32 countries for the glory of one cup. This is how football has managed to bring us together as one. We can take advantage and sell our country to the world and say “We Africans are the best”. This is going to be the best World Cup ever. I know many still doubt that but what do you contribute by being negative and doing nothing about it? We need to be confident of who we are. The problem again is that we have lost the hope in ourselves and forgot that such opportunities come once in a blue moon!

What have we got to show the world? Love. We need to love despite our differences. We need to count our blessings. Let us look for an example at the Bloemfontein Airport. The recent revamping and change is magnanimous and structured excellently. The art when you walk into the Airport is amazing. The road going into the airport is in its final touches and we need to recognize all the work that has been done superbly well. We even need to recognize the contractors themselves, the guys who got their hands dirty in order to beautify our land in preparation for receiving the world. Well done to all of you.

All that is left from now onwards is the count down which anticipates South Africa making history. We must have confidence in our nation. We must be rallying behind Bafana Bafana. Other African countries are behind us. This is great. Should we not win the World Cup, then let us win the world to come back and journey our land.

MAY 21 – MAY 27 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “In good voice for soccer fiesta” By David Mofokeng (Back page)

Reproduced here:

In good voice for soccer fiesta!

Interview by David Mofokeng

They have put Bloemfontein on the map before; and it appears they are gunning for an encore second time around with the hit title track “E Yeah Bafana Bafana” that has received air play on numerous radio stations. David Mofokeng took time out to speak to Siwelele…

How did the band come about?

Well, it started with just five guys. We met from Masokolara and Bafana ba ga Oumama. Due to other disagreements we split and jelled into this one, which was in 2009.

How come your first album (E Yeah) is only coming out now?

There were some delays due to the dealings of the album.

What is different with your group?

It is about making people to dance although there are four tracks with the message on them for Bafana Bafana. We produced the album with assistance from Sweetman Mbulelo, and from Kaya as our manager.

What do you think sets your goal apart from other similar group?

The fact that we are from Bloemfontein has a uniqueness of its own. We’ve realized that football lovers love music. It’s not all about dancing but also the meaning of support for World Cup that is going to be hosted at our shores, which we focus on tremendously.

What are your greatest achievements to date?

As Bloemfontein Celtic has one of the largest supporters, we have been selected to tour with the World Cup trophy to other provinces. That is a challenge to other artists.

What are your best performances?

We have been in Umtata on a trophy road show and others too numerous to mention here. Now we are focused on the World Cup!



With Kgang Abel Motheane

The awesome legacy of Chinua Achebe

Why write this column? On a regular basis, I try to highlight and review the good works that authors are writing and publishing. I make it easy for the general reader to understand certain books and the authors

I find it very interesting to read other distinguished writers’ books, and review them. I hope to make books interesting to the reader, which might spark off their own creativity, and writing ability, or at least make them to become good readers. It is very important to encourage the scholar to read and write books

A great African writer, Chinua Achebe, turns 80 year this year! Here is a man who made African writing famous world-wide, his classic Things fall apart also celebrated globally. Achebe was the first African writer whose books were read all over the world; indeed the book is read in schools, universities in Africa and America

Achebe believes very much in African Culture and celebrates this in his books. This includes sundry customs, traditional food, music, dance, languages and proverbs etc. As he clocks the magical age of 80 years this year, special events and occasions will mark his birthday in Europe, Africa etc

Chinua Achebe is a world class African author who for decades has been teaching the world about African literature, being a catalyst for others to write books, and to restore the culture of writing and reading. His remarkable life has shown that writing books has been a great pleasure for him. Other great books of his include Arrow of God and Anthills of the Savannah. Achebe’s name, and achievements, have gone down in world history.

MAY 14 – MAY 20 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Red Cross’ purple patch!” By David Mofokeng (page 2)

Reproduced here:

Red Cross’ purple patch!

By David Mofokeng


Two hundred and fifty (250) members of the Red Cross assembled at Windburg to join the rest of the world during the 151 year anniversary of the existence of the organization at the weekend.

It was a fun-filled occasion with tributes paid to the mammoth agency which has done wonders all over the globe for many decades. Various activities had been indulged in at the celebration, like soccer and netball.

Free State News learnt that the purpose of the event was to bring youth and elders together and give and share information. It was an eye opening event with people being taken down memory lane as to the genesis of the Red Cross.

Those gathered together learnt about Henry Dunant, the founder of the organization, a great visionary; and what he had done for this organization and how to move on with his mission.

The theme of the day was “This year is the year of volunteerism.”

Those around were exhilarated about what they had experienced. “To see Red Cross were it is today brings me great humility, brings me joyfulness to know that I was one of the base members” said Mrs. Sarah Molema (a 78 year old veteran) who has served Red Cross for 40 years. She advised the youth to be dedicated in volunteering. She also quoted a book saying “tough times never last”

MAY 7 – MAY 13 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Career Exhibition takes centre stage” By R Khotseng (page 3)

Reproduced here:


By R Khotseng

The Mangaung City Hall early this week teemed with companies displaying their information documents, technology and opportunities they possess. This Career Exhibition was targeted at all schools with the aim of guiding them to choose their relevant career after finishing at school.

Here companies and organisations participated in showcasing the future opportunities. They included Damelin, Motheo FET College, IEC, Department of Environmental Affairs, Labour, Education, Water and Forestry, Culture, Correctional Services, SABC, Library and Archive Services, IDC, Nyala, EPT, NHLS and SA Civil Aviation Authority.

Mr Barend Olivier (Assistant General Manager) from Southern Sun International told Free State News that his company is the official accommodation giver to FIFA officials and VIP’s in Free State. In his stall he exhibited equipments and products used in their booked rooms.

The Management Sciences of CUT led by Mrs Elzette Walt who was also responsible for school tourism, hospitality and sport as lecture assistant, explained how her Faculty assists students about entrepreneurship and business development. This includes accounting. CETA also informed students about their program of skills development and information on how to acquire opportunity for schools dropouts with regard to learnership. According to Mrs Barbara Brookes [National ISOE Coordinator] this program also focused on employed people

Mr Bethuel Nkogatse who is accountable for learnership, internship, artisan trading and adult education from Mining Qualification Authority, encouraged students to embark on Maths and Science as these subjects will help them as they [Mining authority] make category of learnership and qualification. This has ample opportunities in their mining sector.

One student [Lizzy] was so excited, saying “I have at last found my rightful career through this event!”


Parallax Snaps (Column)

With Hector Kunene

Is education really the key to success?

Come to think of it, I would like to challenge you on this path so that we can both discover some hidden truths that can either make us or break us. In this edition I will be brutally honest as a dying man! I stand to be constructively criticized for this one so please allow me to shoot myself in the foot if need be.

What is the function of the key? Most of us focus on the one side of the key whereas the key has two sides. One side is straight and the other is crooked which also implies that the key does not only function to open but to close or lock as well. I am still on the education subject so please bear with me. How many times have you been told or heard that education is the key to success? Looking at your potential which is the ability to do anything you set your mind on. Do you need education? Indeed “yes”

You must have thought I was going to say no! Well you are right still; education “alone” is not a key to success. This is what we are not taught at schools, well lately perhaps the system has changed now that there is OBE ( OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION) This was introduced by Kader Asmal, the former education minister whilst I was still at school ten years ago. He introduced pot folios and the use of researched home work which I found quite intriguing during my school days. Enough of me for now since I did not even produce the best matric results! I must mention this though that I received my matric results already doing my first work as a general worker in the cold room fridge at O.R. Tambo Airport back in the city of gold in the year 2001 during December holidays - and from there I never looked back till today! That was my first job I did without tertiary level education!

Yes we need education, but education alone does not give you a job; ask any manager or any recruiting agency. They will ask for your experience and I am sure you know this by now. The question is “Is education really the key to success?” the key word here is “alone” You can be successful without education but with general knowledge” if you have no opportunity of being educated then you have no excuse but to do something about your life. Look inside you and think of something that you are outstanding in. There is always something that you can do better than the next person. For the fact that you are alive it means there is unreleased potential that the world is waiting to see, and there is no better person than you to do it. Even if somebody has done it before, they have not seen your unique way of doing it. If you take Doctor Khumalo and give him the ball he will play like a pro but wait until Jabu “Pule” Mahlangu touches it. Both are playing the same ball in the same field being watched by the same audience, but their skills determine who they are - not the ball.

So you have no excuse but to take the very same ball that has been played by the great ones and play it in your own unique way. The world awaits your skill whether you hold the degree or standard 5!
Don’t you know that the rain falls for both the poor and the rich simultaneously? It is up to an individual to think of creating an atmosphere of prevention from getting wet! One can think of an umbrella not only for himself but for commercial purposes whilst the other can think of collecting and selling spring water! Now tell me - does this need X squared plus Y squared equals R squared (Pythagoras theorem) or that algebra that you freaked out when you saw it on the chalkboard. Please, with all due respect, structured education is very important as this is a foundation of your success.

Eish, I have run out of ink! Till next time folks!

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