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FREE STATE NEWS (March 2010 editions)

FREE STATE NEWS (March 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

Free State News crew


Moses Vinger

Confidential Secretary/Manager

Maki Mohapi aka “Madam Maki” “H.C”


Kaya M

News Editor

Omoseye Bolaji

News Desk

S. Botsime


David Mofokeng
Lebohang Masisi

Lay-out artist

Tumisang Takang

Contact number:
051 447 1655

MARCH 26 – APRIL 1 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Riveting Drama takes centre stage” By S Botsime (Front page)

Reproduced here:


…FS Arts and Culture orchestrate dazzling show!

By S

The Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation had a ball on Tuesday at the City Hall, Bloemfontein. Familiar faces graced the occasion, like Morena Moloi who is a well known playwright; and Mr. Seretse who has been a beacon of hope for the local actors who wish to pursue stage act as a career.

Mr. Michael Smith of the drama Molo-Fish fame was the programme director. He gave the stage to Mrs. Seipati Dichabe who is member of the community in Free State. She said that it is important that a place should be given a relevant, pertinent name so as to be able to identify the place and it will be easier to locate the place “it might not be of benefit to have a place like Mandela view where we find that even in Johannesburg, multiplied all over”.

Children from different schools attended the function and were ready to showcase their talent on stage. The ones who attended were from Karabelo Primary School, Kgato Primary and Toka, the one in Feedom square. The children were given the same script and it was quite impressive that at their tender age they showed the potential and the ability to present a drama.

Meanwhile on the “judge panel” were Mr. Seretse and Mr. Moloi who were quite impressed by the children of different schools who were able to show choreography and talent at such an occasion. The young thespians together with their teachers were advised that there is a lot of work still to be done to polish the creative side of the children in order to unleash new talent for tomorrow.

The school that got the third prize was Karabelo, and the 2nd prize went to Kgato. The prestigious first prize went to Toka primary school. The prizes ranged from One thousand rand to two thousand five hundred rand. Mme Sehlabo gave a vote of thanks and the committee responsible for changing of names was introduced. This included the chairperson, Seipati Dichabe, Lindiwe Mokoena and others.


The Desire of our Hearts (From Poetry Corner)

By Kgang Abel Motheane

May the bark of friendship and love and passion never founder
In the sea of deception
May love and hope never desert humankind
Love you and desire you may not lose halo of togetherness
Love seek strings and muscles of jocund hearts
Passion and relationship are twain love corners of hope
Desertion of friendship nipped in the bud
Not to be destroyed by enemies of love
One love makes two hearts rejoicing in unison
Oh! Big heart do not forget our promises of love and care
Sweetheart I miss you!
Even when I behold you
Good heart be a star of love always
Let not love dismiss our good relationship
Relationship and passion are different hues of love
May the tent of love never be blown aft
By the wind of hatred
All those who thought love was a child’s play
This is disingenuous folks
Love and peace not to be forgotten
By those who are ardently for others
Good friendship reinforces positive passion and love dear friends
Heart to heart at all times of life
May the bold and beautiful love
Be hold at good heart
May God bless all those who love each other
And give them good life at length
May the bark of wisdom in love
Never founder in the sea of deception
May all those who love their friends
Never disappoint them in jarring fashion
Desire of good heart restores the peace in many people’s lives my dear friends
May we remember that love and passion are good relatives at the good hearts’ friends
May we never wish to destroy
Our good friends with their good relationship
Fulsome thanks to all!

MARCH 19 – MARCH 25 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Horrific wait ends in tragic death” By Piet Motaung (Page 6)

Reproduced here:

Horrific wait ends in tragic death

By Piet Motaung

The community of Botshabelo is reeling after the demise of an elderly gentleman who they believe might probably have survived if he had received instant, adequate care before giving up the ghost.

“The gentleman really suffered,” a visibly shaken eyewitness told Free State News. “He was in such shocking, profound pain that one was moved to tears. It was terrible,”

The deceased, Motlalepula Justice Lesenyeho (77) had to endure a long, protracted, incredibly painful wait at Botshabelo Hospital, before the ambulance arrived from Bloemfontein. He had to wait for twelve hours!

Palamang January, son of the deceased told Free State News: “My father and I arrived at Botshabelo hospital at about 5 0’clock in the morning; we had to wait till 5 in the afternoon, praying for the ambulance to arrive from Bloemfontein. It was a heart-rending wait,”

Incidentally Free State News witnessed the sufferings of Motlalepula Justice Lesenyeho at the Botshabelo hospital. He was rolling from side to side, his body wracked with excruciating pain.

At the time, Pitso Morongwe at the administration department of the hospital told Free State News: “We are still busy phoning the control office to send an ambulance so that the patient can be taken to Pelonomi hospital in Bloemfontein; apparently the ambulance is on the way”

“While my father suffered horribly, nurses changed the drips on his body,” Palamang said. “After the long long wait, the ambulance arrived at last and we travelled to Pelonomi hospital. Here they did what they could for my father but he soon gave up the ghost.” He added: “Many of us in Botshabelo believe that if my father had not had to wait so much he might be alive today,”

The Botshabelo Hospital spokesperson, Mrs Mokone said she could not say anything to the “the media”. “We have to meet the relatives of the deceased about the matter as we have not received any complaints thus far”

MARCH 12 – MARCH 18 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “THE BOOKSHELF” With Kgang Abel Motheane (Page 2)

Reproduced here:


With Kgang Abel Motheane

Book: Impossible Love
Author: Omosey Bolaji
Publisher: Drufoma (2000)

Impossible Love is one of O. Bolaji’s most famous fictional works; a gripping romantic story that continues to impress those who read it. Sources also indicate that over the years the author has been well remunerated for writing the book.

The experts and readers are full of praise for the book Impossible Love and the task of this reviewer has been made simple because of this; hereunder I shall reproduce some of the comments on Impossible Love, the remarkable story of the gentleman, Amos, and his young lady Betty which ends in a way that startles us all:

“A story with quite an ironic twist in the tail…the story will have appeal” Free State Provincial Government (Department of Arts and Culture)

“A great love story based in the Free State which ends in an unbelievable, mind boggling manner. Bolaji scores a hit for innovative African writing.
A book to be read by generations to come” – Eclectic Writers’ Club

“Like other readers I found it a well written, interesting story” – Megan Lloyd of the Sandton Literary Agency in Johannesburg.

“Bolaji’s craft of journalism and intellectualism are well discovered in Impossible Love; a book centred on issues of romantic love. Thought provoking, a masterpiece…” – Express newspaper

“A love story which explores a variety of aspects. The book ends in an unexpected way which adds to its allure”
- Free State News


Skillz Street League Launched

Grassroot Soccer is a non-profit organization that works within schools and local SAFA clubs in Mangaung to deliver HIV and AIDS prevention and life skills programmes.

The Skillz Street League for girls is a programme that combines playing soccer and HIV education. The pertinent youngsters will play soccer matches that focus on fair play and having fun. In addition, children are improving communication skills, and their knowledge of HIV and AIDS.

Two schools in Bloemfontein: namely Rutang Primary and Tsholetsang Primary have been invited to take part in the Grassroot Soccer “Skillz” Street Soccer League for girls between the age of 12 and 18 years, which started on the 26 January 2010 at Mangaung Outdoor Centre. 50 young ladies revelled at the occasion.

The league consists of 8 small-sided teams, and each team is supported by a Grassroot Soccer trained coach. Games are held once a week, after school hours, for a total of 8 weeks, with a League Championship tournament at the end of the 8 weeks.
- David Mofokeng

MARCH 5 – MARCH 11 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Free State to be represented at Fifa session” By L Masisi (Back page)

Reproduced here:


…Qondile Khedama expresses glee over this

As the World Cup finals loom in our shores, the first round of a training course organised by the AFP foundation and FIFA in the programme called Win in Africa, with Africa takes place in Kenya this month.

The five day training session will take place in Nairobi from March 15 to March 19, and the Free State will be represented by the ebullient Pule Lechesa, key writer and sports journalist. Lechesa said: "The World Cup is going to be a run-away success as we are ready in all respects. The local and international journalists were taken on a tour 100 days countdown to the beginning of the tournament. They all spoke in unison saying that South Africa is ready."

"This time around the FIFA is doing the right thing by capacitating the journalists that will be covering the World Cup,” Lechesa, Sports Editor of Public Eye said. “The first phase will be theory followed by practicals in April."

"This training means that South Africa is ready to host the world with capacitated journalists.”

Mangaung Communication Manager Qondile Khedama expressed his glee about the trip. “We are on cloud nine to hear that Pule is going to be at the illuminating sessions in Kenya; it is a bonus for our provincial newspapers. There is no doubt in our minds that Pule is capable, as you will recall that he managed to cover all the Confederation Cup matches that were played in our shores last year."

Qondile said that the Municipality will organise a get-together of the local journalists to come and bid the ever-smiling, Nairobi-bound journo a Bon Voyage.
- Lebohang Masisi

Also: (Page 3)


With Sibongile Sana Jantjies

Firstly let me express my gratitude to the readers for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm over the maiden edition of my new column, as evidenced by your many calls and messages which you have been sending to me. I really appreciate it; it is a big spur for me.

I wish to cut to the chase now, and look at the topic called Each one teach one. I must point out that it has too many modules. But for the sake of the factor we should look at the significance of Each one teach one.

In this crazy world, we differ. There are people who think that by being rich, educated; these are the only requirements in life. But that’s not true. Remember the only wisdom is to love each other in that way you will be loving God. I want you to ask yourself one question: When was the last time you asked for help? And did you get it? Then you will realise the importance of loving each other. Just imagine having millions in your bank account with no one to enjoy it with.

Even a mentally or physically challenged person can help you one day; so please do yourself a favour and start loving the person next to you, and you will see and feel how happy you are both going to be. Every time you smile, you become stress-free.

By that I mean let’s teach each other; show each other congenial direction and love one another. That way we will go very far. Remember the most important thing in life are always simple – e.g saying these three words: sorry, please, and thank you!!!

See you next week!

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