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FREE STATE NEWS (January 2010 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State News – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the years.

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Coruscating fun at Boshof” By David Mofokeng (Front page)

Reproduced here:

Coruscating fun at Boshof

By David Mofokeng

The ambience was colourful and sparkling as the African National Congress (ANC) held a provincial celebration party at Boshof last weekend (Saturday 23 January). The guest of the honour was National General Speaker of ANC Mr Gwede Mantashe.

Also present at the occasion were the Women’s league, Veteran league, COSATU, SACP and community members of Boshof who turned up in large numbers; so also were comrades from all the corners of the Free State who came together to celebrate. Adding even more fizz to the occasion were local artists like Kaya, Nateaze, Sankatana, Atlehang Cultural group from Hertzogville and Khoza Gospel group.

Mr. Mantashe addressed the full capacity stadium, saying: “The year of 2010 is the year of working together; this has been possible because all our people have worked together to overcome the challenges facing our country. A year of action ensuring a sense of agency. More jobs and decent work by Government giving direct support to industries that will create work and grow the economy.”

He added: “We are fighting poverty and hunger via the introduction of food for all programmes to distribute basic food at affordable price; access to quality education for all by improving the quality of schooling, in particular the performances in Maths and Science.”

The Premier of the Free State, Mr Ace Magashule, also said a few words to applause, before handing over to others. Another message was “We must stand up, and not wait for the Government to create jobs”,

Passion for sports was also underlined. “On every Friday we must wear our own jerseys to support soccer in our country teams like Siwelele sa Masele and Cheetahs and also at schools.”



With Kgang Abel Motheane

Book: The Quack of QwaQwa
Authors: Various Writers of short stories
Reviewer: K.A Motheane

The story “Poor Paul” in this collection, intrigues with its tenses and is smartly arranged, with an early African proverb thrown in for good measure. Paul is a businessman and is not honest with dealings. We meet his assistant, Pam, and a couple of aggrieved ladies. In the end Paul is punished for his dishonesty.

“Eunice” is a short story written by the late Molebogeng Alitta Mokhuoa. Eunice is a lady who was bent not to “lose a good guy to another worthless woman”. It is pointed out that men like Raphael must be careful of HIV/Aids if they mix around with many women. Aids is a killer.

The book takes its name from the next story: “The Quack of Qwaqwa” written by Flaxman Qoopane. The story takes place in QwaQwa; clearly brings in the Carnegie project. Then of course we learn about the quack of QwaQwa himself.

The next story is titled “Stumped” written by Julia Mooi. The introduction to the story contains the intriguing line of:

“Many men complain that they do not understand women…maybe a woman’s way of doing things is a bit too complex to most men”

The last story in the book is “Penny Wise pound foolish” which revolves around interpretation – amusingly – of this English proverb and one has no doubt that young Lucky has learnt his due lessons in this wise!

The book is edited by skilled fiction writer O. Bolaji. The first story “Poor Paul” was written by Bolaji himself; he also wrote “Penny wise pound foolish”.

JANUARY 22 – JANUARY 28 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Miscreants wreak havoc at SAFA Office” By David Mofokeng (Back page)

Reproduced here:

Miscreants wreak havoc at SAFA Office

By David Mofokeng

Six unknown men broke into South African Football Association (SAFA) Mangaung’s offices situated at Seisa Ramabodu Stadium at around two o’clock last Sunday morning. The miscreants overpowered the security guards who were on duty that night.

The security guards that were on duty on the night in question were two; the other one was unharmed as he ran away for cover when he realised that his colleague was being beaten up by these unknown men. He said that he called his supervisor to alert the police about the robbery in progress whilst hiding. The police only arrived after the departure of the robbers.

In an interview with Free State News the victim who was still in pain said: “They beat me with a stick of a garden tool. I pretended to be unconscious as I heard one of them suggesting that they needed to leave me dead. The others refused to finish me up and they left me locked in one of the offices.”

According to the General Secretary of SAFA Mangaung Lehlohonolo Maduna the thieves stole five computers, five printers, two scanners and the association files.

He said that the thieves are still at large. “Nevertheless I am happy that the police are already at the bottom of this case. I appeal to the community that they must tell the police if they can see people those who are selling computers and other items that have been reported stolen”



With Kgang Abel Motheane

Book: Voices from the Free State
Author(s): Many Contributors
Publishers: Women in Writing (Johannesburg)

Welcome to this new column – hopefully I shall be able to provide some succour for lovers and literature. Let us start with the above mentioned book (Voices from the Free State)

Firstly, we must remember that the book is dedicated to two deceased female writers. One of them the Free State wordsmith, Molebogeng Alitta Mokhuoa. Indigenous women describe itself as an anthology of prose verse and creative articles, and the youth of the Free State.

In the Editorial written by the impressive Tembeka Mbobo, we are told: “This anthology is dedicated to two emerging writers whose talent was beginning to bloom but before they could see…the more tangible the outcome. Their pictures (photos) grace our cover illustration. We have also included special tributes to these fine writers as they were seen by fellow writers”

Perhaps one might as well name all the contributors to this book. Halejwetse Tsehlana; Nombini Madikela Gulwa; Thapelo Lekena; Xoliswa Mabombo; Thadiwe Gulwa, Molebogeng Alitta Mokhuoa; Lee Hanekom; Khokela Sigenu; Dowlina Du Plessis; Thelma Thulo; Winnie West Bophirima; Flaxman Qoopane; Tankie Phafodi; Monyatso Wa Mahlatsi; Loyiso Kalimashe; Paballo Molibedi; Somphiwe Phindela; Lehlohonolo Monyashe; Dieketseng Litabe, and Lele Senstso.

One also feels that the name of the young lady from Saint Bernard’s High School – who wrote the poem that so impressed Mosidi Mohlakela (she also once reviewed this book in a publication) should be published. The name of the then very young lady, as we learn from the book, is Simphiwe Grace Phindela.

One cannot end this piece without praising the young ones who contributed to this book, particularly the students of Saint Bernard’s High School in Mangaung, Bloemfontein – at least three of them I noticed, from the book. Here, in the Free State, we have so many fine poets in our midst.


Dear Diary (Column for teenagers)

The 2010 World Cup Game

By Mpumelelo Mtjekelo

The World Cup! Most of us are really looking forward to it even those who were never soccer fans but of course they have their own reasons and so they would say; it will enhance our country's economy and recognition "South Africans", meeting new people from different countries, uniting with others, the competition is interesting, "they say". The 2010 World Cup, everyone is counting down the minutes and seconds of the day that will bring nations together.

Looking at the other side of this World Cup which brought changes on school holidays, I am a high school learner who is doing her Matric this year "2010" and a part of me is not glad about the changes brought by the year 2010 like having more than 25 days for a holiday in the middle of the year, 25 days of no education and the teachers and learners are expected to finish a year celibacy and bring out good results at the end of the year. This work includes; projects, assignments, practical investigation, research, experiments, home work, tests, exams, the list goes on. Some matric pupils failed to produce good results with the 25 days added as a normal school day, I wonder what is going to happen to the Matric of "2010".

Let’s click to reality, 2010 is the year of course it comes with soccer and more fascinating things like the well known Macufe, Bloemfontein Show ground etc and these are the things that life will always produce with even more interesting, fascinating activity every day, every year, every hour... life always does, there are always new things to discover and do. On the other hand we have education; I am talking decent education with the perfect age. Even though one is never old enough to learn, believe me when I say when an individual applies for a job "age really matters". Do not relax at 'school holidays' enjoying the outcome of 2010 forgetting there is 2011 will not solve your problems because the 2010 World Cup does not care about your well being nor your school results.

We have to make a choice. That is; either good school results, 2010 World Cup or all the fun that 2010 has in hand. Really! My fellow learners, make use of that time off school in a manner that will benefit you even five years from now not just today or tomorrow. All the things on earth like fun are here forever but some things do not exist forever, time ticked can never be ticked backwards again; and so I say to you "be careful of the choices you make now for they can however affect your future".

Let's see what 2010 has in store for you!

JANUARY 15 – JANUARY 21 2010

FEATURE OF THE WEEK: “Schools open amidst exhilaration” By S Botsime (Front page)

Reproduced here:

Schools open amidst exhilaration

By S Botsime

The reopening of schools for this year took place on Wednesday this week, an occasion which witnessed members of the Education portfolio committee, local government Mayors and Senior Management of the Provincial Department visiting the schools across the province to monitor the readiness of teachers and learners in 2010.

Parents almost colourfully prepared to take their children to schools, especially those who were starting to attend school for the first time. Some of the parents even took the day off from work just to create the memories with their children. At some point there were tears between parents and pupils, though a few were brave enough to face the day with a smile - like Bokamoso Harrington of Legae Primary school who was happy to attend the school for the first time! Free State News asked him whether he was nervous, but he simply smiled and said: “Ntate, I can’t wait to make new friends and meet my teacher for the first time”.

Free State Premier, Ace Magashule visited Orangekrag Primary in Xhariep Dam and Pellisier in Bethulie. Free State Education MEC, Tate Makgoe visited Ficksburg –based Tlotlisang Senior School which received a 38% matric pass rate, down from 79% last year. The visit entails the establishment and availability of learning materials, staff establishment and whether there is adequate classrooms and furniture for learning and teaching.

Free State News learnt that the Department will use the finding of the visits to craft a strategy for improving quality learning and teaching.


Dear Diary (Column by Mpumelelo Mtjekelo)


This is yet another year on planet Earth; not all of us got to see this year as its Sun rose, not all of us got to experience the excitement of the end of the previous year. Another year; at this stage human have resolutions, sundry missions to accomplish but as the year sinks with disappointment and challenges people tend to forget their goals. What will make this year different from all the other years that have passed by?

Some people live in a circle, the different year makes no difference in their life. They have no goals to achieve; they live life for the sake of living. Their life is a routine that never changes... Wake up, go to work, come back from work, eat and sleep. There is more to life than that, people should not fear doing new things. As humans we are the greatest creature, we are capable of really "everything" we put our mind to. Let's make more goals and not fear taking the risks in life for life itself is a risk, if you are scared where are you going to hide?

Yes, we failed in some things the previous year but what is success without failure? How does one stand up if they haven't fallen down? Life is a roller coaster and so is another year on planet Earth, but the greatest thing about life is that no one is in control of the other person's life; "we are life". People tend to make the past a living and therefore a painful presence. This is another year; I wish to not let my past interfere with my presence. I do not intend to pretend nothing disturbing happened last year, I only intend to learn the best out of it. As for my mistakes and weaknesses, I intend to turn my weakness into my strength and my mistakes into a success. Are you with me?

The main difficult thing is how does one stick to their New Year resolutions, that's easy. Do not write your New Year resolutions and put them where you can't even remember, put it to a place you look at a "lot" of times like a mirror, your bedroom door, your wallet etc just to make sure you get to see it at least twice a day. Goals are there to be achieved, they give us more reason to wake up every morning even when the weather is bad. A person without goals is like a heart without emotions; in that case that heart only beats to provide life to the body but it does not feed the soul. Make your new year's resolutions and have a happy new year!

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