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FREE STATE NEWS (May 2009 editions)

This web page(s) regularly focuses on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State news – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (the paper celebrated its 10th year anniversary this year). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Regular items like “Feature of the week” have appeared here over the months.

Free State News crew

Moses Vinger

Confidential Secretary/Manager
Maki Mohapi

Kaya M

News Editor
Omoseye Bolaji

News Desk
Mahlomola Moshe
S Botsime

Sports Desk
Michael Tlhakudi

Adverts Consultant
Tanya van der Walt

Lay-out artist
Tumisang Takang

Contact number:
051 447 1655


Free State news celebrates its 10th year anniversary! 10 years of veritable excellence in South African black journalism – with many accolades along the way. Champagne, comestibles and the like! Meanwhile we welcome our new Marketing Executive, Tanya van der Walt.

MAY 22 - 28 2009 edition


“Preferred Sounds in the groove”. (By Kaya M). Page 4


By Kaya M

Preferred Sounds Music Production is a Mangaung based group that comprises of 14 artists who have been involved in the music industry for a number of years pursuing their solo projects and as backing vocalists. The group is managed by a Management Team of four people who have experience in the Music Industry:

Mr. Sidwell Tlhapi: Music Producer
Mr. Jacob Modise: Legal Adviser
Mr. Kgotso Tlhapi: Artist Manager
Mr. Tshidiso Tlhapi: Marketing and Distribution Manager

The objective of Preferred Sounds is to empower young people and encourage artists to grow spiritually and to minister through their music to all nationals without fear or favour and to stand for what they believe in.

Preferred Sounds aims to nurture and develop artists to reach their full potential. The group strives for excellence and encourages moral regeneration by sending positive message of hope in Christ.

In April 2009 Preferred Sounds released their first album entitled Preferred Sounds Vol. 1 in Bloemfontein. The CD has been well received and so far the CD has been playing. The group has had interviews with a number of radio stations. “We also want to thank Mike for the Job well done on our CD. We have already performed in Sasolburg, Welkom, Bloemfontein and Botshabelo and soon we’ll be having shows in Bothaville on the 30 May 2009, Koffiefotein on the 06 and in PETRUSBURG on the 07 2009.” they point out.One of the artists of the group, Tumelo Pebane recorded for Gospel Gold on SABC 2 and he was backed by some of UOR artista. The group is in a mission to Pioneer in the field of contemporary Gospel, improving the sounds and style of Gospel music for the urban contemporary age.

Preferred Sounds is located in Bloemfontein and is always ready to spread the good news of Christ through their music to all people regardless of race , age , gender and Background.

Name of the Album: Preferred Sounds Volume 1
Title Track: Moya wa Modimo
Producer: Preferred Sounds
Marketing and Distribution: Preferred Sounds
Recorded at Mixbri Studios
Company: Preferred Sounds Productions

MAY 8 – MAY 14 09 edition


“Ace Magashule in the saddle at long last!” (By S Botsime)

Ace Magashule in the saddle at long last!

By S. Botsime

The crème de la crème assembled, agog with anticipation – as Ace Magashule was sworn in as the Premier of the Free State on Wednesday this week at the Mangaung Indoor Sports Centre.

Clad in outstanding finery, assorted guests witnessed an unforgettable ceremony. There were about four panel of groups that were sitting in front with top politicians like Motlagomang Xabathi, Thabo Moses, Sefora Ntobela, Mme Mantwa just to mention a few.

The protagonist himself, Ace Magashule, was beaming at the august occasion, with his customary smiles, hugs, and handshakes. He was superbly dressed in designer suit with all the trimmings. People lined up to congratulate him. Even his entry caused pandemonium as excitement reached a peak!The name of Mr. Sesele was nominated as the Speaker without opposition and every one supported the name .Thereafter he was appointed as Speaker of the Free State legislature. Mme Anna Tshopo was appointed as the deputy speaker. In his short speech Mr. Sesele thanked every one, the representatives and the working class ending his short speech that “working together we can do more”.

As he was officially sworn in as the Premier of Free State, Mr. Ace Magashule elicited excitement on many people’s faces. People chattered and whispered to the effect that it had been a long walk for the new Premier. He took the stage by thanking everyone from the SACP, COSATU, and the working masses of South Africa and churches irrespective of whether they are black or white, for their support.

The new Premier went on to remember some of the late comrades who devoted their time to fight for liberation, naming illustrious people like Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Kaizer Sebothelo, and Harry Qwala just to mention a few. “The people have spoken!” he concluded, to rapturous applause. Members from Opposition parties rose gallantly to the occasion, including Mr. Roy Jonkilshon of DA who congratulated Mr. Ace Magashule and said that he must use his position most importantly to uplift the standard of those who are underprivileged. “He must create a conducive environment for everyone in Free State.” he added.

Mme Sefora Ntombela also stressed that Mr. Magashule knew that the people essentially supported him because they wanted him to be a catalyst of change in the Free State. “He must always remember what the Freedom charter stand for.” she added.

Different political parties delivered speeches and their general massage was that Mr. Magashule must surround himself with strong and very focused people. Thereafter people proceeded to Clive Solomon Stadium where the official inauguration took place.

MAY 1 – MAY 7 2009 edition


“Young wordsmith makes his mark”. By Paul Lothane. Page 2

(reproduced here)

Young wordsmith makes his mark

The article below has just been published internationally. It is also available on a number of websites on literature on the internet. Free State News is proud that it first discovered and published the protagonist, Masakala. The article is reproduced below:

Teboho Masakala, a proud Free Stater, is still only 21 years old but the literary fraternity is already drooling about him and predicting great things from him. He’s the latest whizz kid in imaginative writing.

Yet Teboho (not surprising because of his youth) has only thus far written a number of short stories, and published a few of them. But this has not stopped countless people raving about his talent and potential and praising him.

Peter Moroe, respected literary critic says: “It is understandable why there is excitement about Teboho Masakala. The truth is that imaginative writers from the grassroots are very few and thin on the ground, and are hardly encouraged anyway. Most writers just want to write poetry. But Teboho writes imaginative short stories and his potential is awesome. Really, this very young man – he is actually a ‘boy’ but one has to be politically correct these days – has the literary world at his feet. What impresses me most is that considering his youth you would expect a lot of naivety and inadequate characterization in his works, but that is not the case,”

Pule Lechesa, acknowledged as an impressive literary critic says more cautiously: “We should not go overboard about Teboho Masakala. His writing career, such as it is, has just started really. But internationally one must note for example that Uganda’s (late) great writer, John Ruganda started his career by writing and publishing short stories too, as Teboho is doing now. He should be encouraged. I understand the young man is very respectful with his feet on the ground,”

Teboho Masakala’s short stories (like The other side of love) have appeared in sundry publications and on the Internet. He is also scheduled to be published in the next edition of The growth of Free State Black Writing journal – an excellent start to his writing career.

Omoye Bolaji, writer and literary activist who ensured that Teboho Masakala was published for the first time, says: “Sometimes I feel like Rip van Winkle - as if I have gone on too long! It’s great to see fine, fecund new writing talent emerging. Just within months, it was gratifying to see the awesome imaginative potential of very young writers like Neo Mvubu and Teboho Masakala,”

Over the decades African black literature has witnessed superb writers starting their careers with impressive short stories. Gomolemo Mokae and Es’kia Mphahlele published good short stories early in their careers. Chinua Achebe as a youngster in the University many decades ago began writing short stories which were published only much later on in book form. Literary commentators expect Teboho Masakala to write a novel (s) in due course.

“He must not be rushed,” Pule Lechesa however warns. “He (Teboho Masakala) must develop at his own pace. At the moment it’s too early to criticize his writing; all I can see so far is that he seems to love writing stories that end in tragedy and death! But I am sure I’m judging him prematurely,”
- Paul Lothane

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