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FREE STATE NEWS (July 2008 editions)


This web page(s) would regularly focus on the leading Free State (South Africa) newspaper – Free State news – the first regular newspaper to be orchestrated fully by black people in the Free State province (soon the paper will be celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary). The paper has been published on a weekly basis since 1999. Here, we shall have regular items like “Feature of the week”, starting from July, 2008

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25- 31 July 2008 edition


“Madiba inspires inmates on his big day” By Julia Stuurman. (Page 7)
(reproduced here)



As part of the national and worldwide fizz generated by Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday last weekend, the inmates at the Medium B prison in Grootvlei in Bloemfontein got in on the act, learning a different lesson in the process.

Indeed the offenders at the prison found themselves indulging in what was in essence a day of introspection for them “ We have to take a decision today on what we want people to remember us about” an inmate Pule Mokoena explained.

According to him they have only one similarity with Mandela and that is they all have an experience of being in confinement - but with different charges! “We have to be ashamed of the fact that we cannot claim to stand for what is good”

The Area Commissioner, Langa Bikane said that this birthday celebration within prison walls will influence the inmates positively because some of them are striving to bring change into their lives. “For me it is not more about the celebration but more of creating awareness with the life of Madiba and encouraging these offenders to have hope for the future”

The lessons that they have learned were clear from what they expressed “Education is a key to a full rehabilitation and tolerance for others” Pule said. He also added “He is a source of joy and pride for everyone who lives in Africa”

They were also encouraged to utilize all the programmes set up for them by Correctional Service to be well equipped citizens that will contribute meaningfully to their communities “If our fellow inmates respond to the opportunity of learning in prison, they will be contributing to the effort of curbing the illiteracy amongst our people”

The white inmates too made an effort to show their appreciation for the unity that Nelson Mandela created in this country by creating a banner that is eight meters long with his (Mandela’s) face on it “This is to show respect and reflect the true dignity the man deserves” they said.

“We thank him for the unselfish service he rendered to us” the Commissioner concluded.

18 – 24 July 2008 edition

(A special edition on Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday)


Letters column (page 9)

(reproduced here)


As Madiba celebrates his 90th birthday today we have been inundated with letters congratulating the great man. Here we publish only a few...

A palpable long walk!

The only way to honour Mandela is to continue with his long walk to freedom!

In his book “Long walk to freedom” Mandela writes: “I have walked the long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter. I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surround me to look back on the distance I have come. But I can rest only for a moment for with freedom comes responsibility and I dare not linger for my long walk is not yet ended”

Sure the walk is not yet ended but at 90 do we want the grand old man to continue or we can let him rest and continue with his walk! Do we really understand the profound ramifications of the “long walk”?

Tata Mandela spent 27 years in prison fighting for his beloved country. Upon his release he extended arms of friendship and reconciliation to arch enemies! But what do we see today? People still kill each other, crime is rife, not to mention xenophobia. Are we honoring Mandela’s legacy with all this?

Mandela appealed for patience and self-esteem, and hard work. Now we have all realized that no pain is no gain. We have a lot to do to improve our well-being. It is indeed hard but we must not give up.

Mandela has also said: “Experience is the foundation of leadership and obligation to the people takes precedence over a loyalty to an individual” These words show how irresponsible some so-called leaders have been with their recent intemperate statements.

As Madiba turns 90 we say: “Long live the icon! May His Excellency the Most High give you more years on this earth!”

Maxwell Perkins Kanemanyanga


It is extremely important for me to acknowledge the birthday of Madiba the father of our freedom. It is wonderful that the great old man has lived to the very ripe old age of 90.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela deserves an excellent credit in his life. I appreciate his efforts in ushering in the democracy we the youth are enjoying now. Since he became an activist of the ANC many decades ago he has been unwavering in his commitment and self-sacrifice. He stood firm for what he believed in and he became successful.

I wish him a magnificent birthday and I thank God for his existence. May his legacy live for ever. I love you Tata.

Marshoff got it right!

I want to join the countless others wishing Tata Mandela a Happy Birthday this weekend. This is the most respected black man in the world today, and deservedly so. Hence it is no surprise that the tributes and congratulations have been pouring in from all over the world. Mandela is a world citizen, to put it mildly.

I enjoyed reading the Birthday message from our Premier (Beatrice Marshoff) in your paper last week. She rightly pointed out that we all express our deepest appreciation for Mandela’s leadership and inspirational life “which continues to give true meaning to the values of humanity, compassion and solidarity”
- Jerry

11 – 17 July 2008 edition


“Hero’s Memorial Service for Scotch” (front page)

(first paragraph reproduced here)

The ambience at the Memorial Service was somber and funereal; yet defiant and celebratory. Although Thabo “Scotch” Moeketsi had succumbed to mortality, his life had been a triumph, an ANC youth league juggernaut who had stamped his footprints on the sands of time. Hence his family, contemporaries, and comrades had turned up in large numbers to celebrate his life. The Memorial Service was held at a packed Claridon Hall in Bloemfontein on Wednesday…

04 – 10 July 2008 edition


“Macufe set to exceed expectations” By Julia Stuurman. (Page 4)

(reproduced here)


The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture will be hosting this year’s edition of the MACUFE Festival with a view to exceed all expectations of the critics.

This was revealed during the briefing of stakeholders and service providers in the province. The proposed programme of the festival was unveiled, and recommendations from stakeholders were solicited.

The main objective of this festival this year, Free State news learnt, was to reclaim this brand and ensure that it benefits the people of this province.

Macufe, as orchestrated by the Free State Tourism Authority was a big flop; for one thing, artists complained that they were not given enough platforms to showcase their talent.

But this year’s version is promising to be very different. In this wise the MEC for the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, Ace Mgashule, is dedicated to ensuring that this festival meets the expectation of the Free Staters and contribute towards the economical growth of this province.

According to him this festival is not going to serve as capacity testing for emerging enterprises “I am not starting a black business” MEC, Ace Magashule said. He stated that the background of the pertinent service provider must be thoroughly checked to ensure that they can meet the required objectives.

This year’s programme will consist of International artists like Maxwell, who will be performing during youth concert, and Eryka Badhu and Angelina Kidjo will set the stage alight at the Diva’s concert, while the line up in the main concert will consist of Jonathan Buttler, Kirk Whallun, Oletta Adams and Collins. According to the Department these lists are confirmed.

Another interesting addition in sporting event will be a boxing match. There is also an improvement made in ensuring that people are well accommodated during this festival. According to the Department they will secure some of the beds in the Bloemfontein to ensure that they are enough for the people coming outside the city.

The venues for other shows will also change for this year. The Diva’s concert will be held at the Rose Garden, and the Gospel one at the CRC church and it will be on Saturday. There is a possibility of Blacks Only Comedy Show that will be led by David Kau during MACUFE and it will be separated from that of Poetry.

The MACUFE Festival as usual will start in September and end in early October. Dates will be published in due course.

27 June – 03 July 2008 edition


“Special words of exhortation for the youth” By Nathanael Phamotse (page 7)

(reproduced here)

Special words of exhortation for the youth

The month of June - youth month - is once again here. As a young person you most certainly fall into one of the following categories of people who will be reading this article:

Category 1:
Your life is still the same as it was twelve months ago, despite that you had dreamt and intended that it would, in every way that counts, be better by now.

Category 2:
Your life has taken a downward spiral and things have gotten far worse than they used to be last year. Example, if in June 2007 you were in the pan now you find yourself right in the middle of fire. And if last year you were between hay and grass (i.e. having a really great time), now you find yourself between the rock and the hard place.

Your life improved and has in the last year become remarkably great. Your relationships, business, career, health, etc. couldn’t really be this better. Simply put, you can’t complain.

Regardless of which of the above categories you may fall in today, I want to give you the following wisdom nuggets to take with you forward as a provision for dealing with successes and failures in you life. Let them be nutrition for your spirit man. I will not elaborate much on each of them, but I know that if you will really ponder on them they will make a big difference in your life:

Wisdom nugget #1 – Leave life to make an impact on others not to impress:
Whenever you get to speak to someone, it doesn’t matter who they are, always speak to impart wisdom into the heart and mind of that person. Don’t ever speak to elicit response or to impress.

In the times we are living in, most young people seek to impress and entice others with their knowledge, positions as well as possessions (i.e. cars, money, clothes, etc.). Don’t be such a kind of a person. In martial arts they say that the secret of self-defense is that it’s a surprise. And I say to you that the secret of true success (i.e. success as it pertains to knowledge and possessions) is that it should be a surprise. Modesty still is one of the greatest traits one can display in this world. Over and above that we know that the emptiest vessel still is the one that makes the loudest noise.

Wisdom nugget #2 – Know and develop a thorough understanding of the purpose of what you have in your life and you will not abuse it:

Where the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. If you are a man, for instance, and you don’t know or you lose sight of the purpose for which your lady has been given to you, you will inevitably abuse her – one way or the other. In the same manner if you don’t know the very original purpose for having money, cars, and other possessions, you will inevitably abuse them – i.e. you will misuse, waste them and end up in trouble.

Wisdom nugget #3 – No matter what storms or challenges you may face in life, tell yourself the following: “THIS SITUATION WILL NOT KILL ME”. I am suggesting that you tell yourself this simply because I believe that your attitude in life will always determine your altitude.

I wish all of our youth the very best in this youth month – and the best only. Humble yourself, be successful and live long. Above all else, I want you to know that regardless of what may be going on in your life right now, you were born to conquer, and your finest hour shall come as long as you do not lose heart. I pray that you will become a better person and that next year by this time you will be the glory of your community and possibly your nation, living a better life – in every sense of the word. You are the best! Always have been! Always will be! Nothing ever will change that! You deserve the best!!

Nathanael Phamotse
(Author, businessman & Motivational Speaker)

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